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Oliver Sherman – first clips

The first two clips from Oliver Sherman, both with Garret and Donal Logue, showed up online this week.

Daily Motion has the first one:

Oliver Sherman

And the second one is on YouTube:

The film will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival on September 13 and 17, then at the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival (Sept. 18 – 26), and if you’re in North Bay, you can catch this screening on October 16.

Here is a longer description from the TIFF site (if you hit the link, they also have a couple of pics):

Does saving someone else’s life make you responsible for them? This is the central question of this penetrating film about existential angst, which is grounded in subtle oppositions: friendship and duties, innocence and manipulation, past and present.

Seven years have passed since Franklin Page (Donal Logue) saved the life of fellow soldier Sherman Oliver (Garret Dillahunt) on the battlefield. It feels like it’s been a long time for earnest and hard-working Franklin, who has since moved to the countryside with his wife, Irene (Molly Parker), and their two children. But seven years seems a mere heartbeat for solitary vet pensioner Sherman, who still bears the scars of the horrors he survived. When Sherman pays a surprise visit to Franklin, who hasn’t seen or heard from him since they left the army, it sets off a chain of events that first time feature director Ryan Redford skilfully crafts into a poignant and meaningful story.

Lost and shy, Sherman is a welcome guest in the Page home. He reconnects with his old friend over beers on the porch and during nights on the town. But when he overstays his welcome, the seemingly placid countenance of this veteran starts to crack, and he lashes out in outbursts of aggressiveness and resentment toward Irene. Drawn from a short story by Rachel Ingalls, the film plunges from quiet character study into psychological thriller.

As Sherman, Dillahunt (of Deadwood fame, and starring in John Sayles’s Amigo, also screening in the Festival) is nothing less than splendid. He conveys the hurt of a lost soldier, and hints at an emotional time bomb ticking beneath the surface of a calm exterior. Parker, who previously acted alongside Dillahunt in Deadwood, is equally compelling as the warm and understanding wife of a no-nonsense man. Franklin is embodied to subtle perfection by Logue. These fine performances buoy a gripping and memorable film.

New appearance on Burn Notice

No idea which episode yet, but EW says:

Burn Notice: John Seda (Homicide, The Pacific) will guest star on the USA smash later this season as Cole, a disgruntled ex-Marine who now works as a killer for hire. Elsewhere, Tim Matheson and Garret Dillahunt have signed on to reprise their respective roles as “Dead” Larry Sizemore and jailbird Simon.

Season four of Burn Notice kicked off last week. The show airs Thursdays at 9 on USA.

Garret Dillahunt,Burn Notice,Simon,Jeffrey Donovan

Arkansas Traveler – new article & more pics from the trailer shoot has a nice, long article about Arkansas Traveler here and they also posted a bunch of pictures from the trailer shoot.

A native of North Carolina and long a Civil War buff, Bridgers almost a decade ago began writing a screenplay about a fictional Confederate officer named Waylon McClawhorn, who in the last days of the conflict escapes a Union POW camp in Illinois and makes his way down the Mississippi and back to his home in Arkansas.

Along the way, Waylon encounters bad men of various stripes — whom he ruthlessly and efficiently eliminates — and reluctantly picks up fellow travelers such as the abused Myrtle (Bettis). Sometimes, Waylon gets advice from a shadowy figure named John Bass (Bridgers wrote that role for himself).

“Waylon’s got the Civil War version of post-traumatic stress syndrome,” the bearded, boyish-looking Bridgers said. “He hallucinates this specter that tells him what to do. Basically, John Bass is Waylon’s subconscious.

“In the end, it’s all about Waylon’s redemption, about how he rejoins the living.” (…)

“Sean gave me his script when we were both on ‘Deadwood,’” Dillahunt recalled. “I was really surprised. Good writing is hard to come by. It’s a sign of how much people like this script that they’ll work free to make it happen.”

Dillahunt said he jumped at the chance to play Waylon McClawhorn, if only in the trailer.

“I wish I had a high enough profile that just by my getting involved something like this could get made,” he said. “It’s important to me that it gets made. Doesn’t even matter if I’m in the finished film.” []

For more pics, go to Wide Awake Films’ Facebook page.

Burning Bright gets a release date

Burning Bright,Burning Bright DVD cover,Garret Dillahunt Burning Bright,tiger movieSeveral horror sites are reporting that Burning Bright will be released on DVD on August 17.

From the DVD cover (pic right, click to enlarge), it looks like they’re definitely sticking with the title too.

From Bloody Disgusting:

Super exciting news as Lionsgate Home Entertainment has finally announced the long-delayed Burning Bright (review) for DVD and digital download release on August 17th. From one of the producers of cult-favorite thriller Hard Candy, Lionsgate delivers the intense DVD and digital download debut of Burning Bright.

A roaring and engaging ride, the film stars Briana Evigan (Mother’s Day, Sorority Row) and Garret Dillahunt (The Last House on the Left). A thriller not for the faint at heart, the Burning Bright DVD also includes two behind-the-scenes featurettes.