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Burning Bright gets a release date

Burning Bright,Burning Bright DVD cover,Garret Dillahunt Burning Bright,tiger movieSeveral horror sites are reporting that Burning Bright will be released on DVD on August 17.

From the DVD cover (pic right, click to enlarge), it looks like they’re definitely sticking with the title too.

From Bloody Disgusting:

Super exciting news as Lionsgate Home Entertainment has finally announced the long-delayed Burning Bright (review) for DVD and digital download release on August 17th. From one of the producers of cult-favorite thriller Hard Candy, Lionsgate delivers the intense DVD and digital download debut of Burning Bright.

A roaring and engaging ride, the film stars Briana Evigan (Mother’s Day, Sorority Row) and Garret Dillahunt (The Last House on the Left). A thriller not for the faint at heart, the Burning Bright DVD also includes two behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Burning Bright – first review

The first review of Burning Bright, now Ravenous, just showed up on Here is a snippet (plot spoilers follow):

The movie opens with a hilarious exchange between Howie (Meatloaf) and Johnny Gavineau (Garret Dillahunt, who you might remember from THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT), where Johnny is looking to purchase a retired tiger from Howie in order to start a local safari in a get-rich-quick scheme. After attempting to swindle Howie into cutting the price, Meatloaf delivers an epic monologue that transforms this cute circus tiger into a blood-craving monstrosity. Following a good thirty minutes of character development – Johnny steals Kelly’s (Briana Evigan from SORORITY ROW) money that was being used to send her autistic brother into care so she could go off to college – the plot thickens when Kelly awakes to discover that there’s a tiger loose in her house. To worsen the situation, Johnny has boarded up the entire house from the outside to protect it from the hurricane. (…)

Watching this movie by myself just wasn’t fair; I was having too much fun and had nobody to share it with. There were moments that had me laughing, sometimes I cheered, and then there were a few occasions where I jumped out of my seat. RAVENOUS is straight-up FUN. [Bloody Disgusting]

Garret Dillahunt in Burning Bright

Burning Bright – more info, from Briana Evigan

Briana Evigan talked to about her role in Burning Bright. A few snippets below.

About the setup:

“She can’t go outside, and the tiger’s in the house, how long can she hide from it? She [also has] the autistic brother that’s just as bad as the tiger. He doesn’t respond to her, he makes noise, he yells, he wants to pet the tiger. She has three major obstacles to get around, it’s like, how can it be worse? It’s such a simple concept and that’s what I really loved about it when I read it.”

About the film’s rating:

“It is very suspenseful, it’s not gory. There are a couple of little things that happen with myself and the tiger…but nothing extreme. It’s definitely not a gory movie. I think they’re actually going for a PG-13.”

About the step dad (Garret’s character):

“The step dad has a ranch of animals. It’s a beautiful house they chose to film out and he has other animals there like alligators and orangutans, all different types of animals . He gets the tiger as an investment. The whole family is miserable, the step dad has the responsibility of my character and my brother, and that is because the mom has killed herself. It puts a damper on the family; it’s a whole new way of living. I would say from my perspective of my character that the step dad is trying to kill us so he has nothing else to worry about. He can move on, be done and blame it on the animal – blame it on whatever he wants, move on and get his life back.”

Burning Bright: Garret plays Beastwizard’s distant cousin

During the Q & A for The Last House on the Left, someone asked Garret about Burning Bright so we finally have some info about that one.

Here is what he said:

– about the character:

“Have you ever driven through the South like, ‘Come to Johnny’s Rattlesnake Pit!’? He’s that guy and he’s got a wild animal farm.”

– about the director and his co-star:

“I like Carlos Brooks, he did Quid Pro Quo. And Briana Evigan, she’s something else! She’s cool, down to earth and fun.”

– about playing with the tiger:

“That would be too dangerous. There’s a lot of green screen stuff. It confuses me, I try to comprehend it but I don’t ever know quite how they do it. But there is a lot of green screen with shooting our actions to what they film the tiger doing. Meanwhile, the tiger has been chasing around a green chicken.”

– about recent reshoots:

“I did a new beginning of the movie. With Meat Loaf! He’s really fun and a sweet guy.”