A Minute with Stan Hooper

A Minute with Stan Hooper is a sitcom created by Barry Kemp and Norm MacDonald that premiered on October 29, 2003 on Fox and got cancelled in December, six episodes into the season.

The main character, Stan Hooper, is named after Norm MacDonald’s recurring character on Saturday Night Live, but the two are vastly different. In the series, Stan Hooper is a TV journalist who decides to make his ‘Minute’ segment more honest so he moves with his wife (Penelope Ann Miller) from Manhattan to Waterford Falls, Wisconsin, where he hopes to interact with ordinary people in the vanishing America he has been talking about for a decade. These people include a butler named Gary (Brian Howe), who comes with the house the Hoopers rent, local cheese mogul Fred Hawkins (Fred Willard) and his son Ryan (Eric Lively), the son’s girlfriend Chelsea (Reagan Dale Neis), and Pete (Daniel Roebuck) and Lou Peterson (Garret Dillahunt), the married couple who own the local diner.

A Minute with Stan Hooper was never released on DVD, but there is a low-res copy with all the 13 episodes floating around in P2P networks.


Stan Hooper (Norm MacDonald), a famous newspaper columnist turned television commentator, moves his family from their New York home to a small Wisconsin town, Waterford Falls, where he hopes to better get in touch with Middle America in an attempt to make his weekly minute-long television commentaries more appealing to a larger audience. While there, he interacts with the folksy, and largely strange, townspeople of Waterford Falls.


Norm MacDonald (Stan Hooper), Penelope Ann Miller (Molly Hooper), Daniel Roebuck (Pete Peterson), Garret Dillahunt (Lou Peterson), Eric Lively (Ryan Hawkins), Fred Willard (Fred Hawkins), Reagan Dale Neis (Chelsea), Brian Howe (Gary)

A Minute with Stan Hooper