Raising Hope season preview & summer movie #3 revealed

A couple of quick updates.

The Daily Beast has a nice three-page interview with Alan Cumming, Garret’s co-star in the mystery movie set in the 1970s, filmed over the summer. On page three, he talks about being harassed by Cloris Leachman and mentions this:

The film I did this summer was with Garret Dillahunt. We played boyfriends in [Famlee] and we had such a laugh.

Here is the synopsis, from Cumming’s site:

Famlee was written and directed by Travis Fine and is the story of a gay couple in the 1970s and their struggle to keep custody of a down syndrome child who they have become fathers to.

And here is another bit from a casting call posted at FamleeMovieCasting.com:

In 1975 Marco is the neglected son of a junkie mother. When the mother is arrested, charged and incarcerated, Marco is befriended and taken in by his neighbor, a flamboyant female impersonator who gets Marco the care and education that he has been missing. The film is a fictional story of a real account. Marco’s speech needs to be good enough to be understood by strangers, which doesn’t always work in his favor, due to the potty mouth he has developed while living with his mother.

Isaac Levya plays the son and Frances Fisher is also in the film. She mentioned it on Twitter back in June.

Elsewhere, Fox Broadcasting has uploaded a short interview with Garret and Martha on YouTube (after the teaser), in which they give away a few details about season two:

And Fox News has a short interview with Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward.

The show returns in 19 days – Tuesday, September 20 at 9:30/8:30c.

Raising Hope season two spoilers

Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with Greg Garcia. He gives away some interesting tidbits about season two. Hit the link for the whole article.

You had so many great guest stars last season. Anyone we can look forward to?
We’re early in the process. We start shooting Aug. 8, and we have some really cool guest roles, but we haven’t actively started courting anyone yet. There are a few giant swings that we’re going for. I’m not even going to say their names because it’s not going to happen in a million years. But, you know, I think that what we try to do is create good guest star roles and see who can do them. We’ve had a lot of luck, like with J.K. Simmons as Burt’s brother. He may or may not come back — just because of availability because he’s doing The Closer. That’s a problem, too. You get somebody great, but they have other jobs. Amy Sedaris is going to come back for an episode, so we’re looking forward to that. We’re also going to meet Burt’s parents this season, so that’ll be a fun thing to cast. Oh, and we have Greyson Chance, the kid whose YouTube video has, like, 40 million hits. He’s going to do three episodes. (…)

Any teases as to the storylines we’re going to see this year?
The whole family is going to go to Vegas for Amy Sedaris’ wedding. And we’re also going to learn a lot about our side characters: Frank who works at the grocery store, and we’re going to investigate Barney. His ex-wife is going to come to town. We’re going to have fun with that. The first episode we shoot is a lot of flashbacks, and one of the fun things about flashbacks is that Cloris can be lucid. So it gives her different things to play. So we’re definitely going to do more this season.

Raising Hope finale airs tonight, Oliver Sherman gets a UK distributor

No new previews, just a reminder that the Raising Hope season finale, “Don’t Vote for This Episode,” airs tonight at 9 pm on Fox.

Entertainment Weekly talked to Garret about the episode. Here is what he says:

garret dillahunt,lucas neff,raising hope“I think it’s the best episode of a good season,” says Garret Dillahunt, who plays Burt. “I think my favorite part of the episode is all the chance meetings or passings that happen [with] people that we don’t know that we’re heavily involved with in five years. I think that’s really cool.” His least favorite part? Well, the part that left him sitting opposite a real-life alpaca, covered in a spit-like goo, naturally.

“There are some things that are funny to watch but aren’t so funny to shoot. This was one of those,” he says laughing. “It made all these little noises, like [grunts, presumably like an alpaca would]. And we didn’t know if that was a satisfied sound or a dissatisfied sound.”

Meanwhile, Screen Daily reports that Oliver Sherman has found a distributor for the UK and Ireland:

Cinefile will release the first EoF title Oliver Sherman in the UK and Ireland, while the Galway Film Festival will screen the film as part of its official section.

Ryan Redford’s Sherman has already secured distribution in France and Hungary thanks to the EoF initiative.

The film will next be screened at the Seattle International Film Festival on Saturday, June 4. If you’re in the area, you can get the tickets at SIFF.net.

Updates: Looper, Raising Hope, Oliver Sherman, Memphis Beat

Yeah, let’s start with that last one. A new TV appearance has showed up on Garret’s list of credits at the IMDb: Memphis Beat, episode 2×06, “Body of Evidence.” No details yet except for the character’s name (Tim Wayne), but it’s too soon anyway. Season two of Memphis Beat premieres on Tuesday, June 14 at 9/8, so we won’t see the episode for another couple of months.

Second, great news from Cannes, via Deadline: Looper has found a distributor. Report:

A frenzied Saturday auction on the Croisette has ended with FilmDistrict in final negotiations for U.S. distribution rights to Looper, the Rian Johnson-directed science fiction film that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis. There were at least six bidders spanning major studios and independents, and it sounds like some serious upfront money was paid. But the intriguing part is that the deal orchestrated between CAA and FilmDistrict’s Peter Schlessel will likely end in FilmDistrict using an option with Sony Pictures, which would release and market the film through the TriStar label. That replicates the distribution structure of District 9, which Schlessel acquired while he was at Sony. The picture has a similarly brainy construct and is also reminiscent of the first Terminator.

Johnson wrote the script, about a contract killer who works for the mob of the future, and who kills victims that are sent back in time 30 years, so there is no trace of the crime in the future. It’s a great gig, until the killer (Gordon-Levitt) recognizes that one of his targets (Willis) is a futuristic version of himself.

Third, two new reviews of Oliver Sherman showed up at LonelyReviewer.com and Pajiba.com and they’re both pretty spectacular. Check them out.

And, on the Raising Hope front, there is a new interview with Garret at Zap2it. Snippet:

“Martha and I are both glad it was a plot point,” says Dillahunt, “that we’re young grandparents.”

And he doesn’t mind co-starring with babies.

“They turned 1 toward the end of the season,” says Dillahunt. “We really like them, and they’re getting very comfortable with us. I find myself missing them.

“They are great. I think we won the baby race, if nothing else. They have different skills. Rylie’s the Meryl Streep of babies. You bring her in for all the emotional stuff and all the spit-take-type stuff. Baylie’s the stunt baby.”

Last, the clips from the Raising Hope season finale, “Don’t Vote for This Episode,” which airs this Tuesday at 9 pm:


Raising Hope previews: 1×21 “Baby Monitor”

Fox has uploaded the sneak peeks from tonight’s Raising Hope. There are also a few recent behind-the-scenes clips — not all of them necessarily working — that you can watch if you click on the links in this video:

Baby Monitor” airs tonight at 9 pm, after the Glee prom. Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee guest star. Here are the previews: