Burning Bright – first review

The first review of Burning Bright, now Ravenous, just showed up on Bloody-Disgusting.com. Here is a snippet (plot spoilers follow):

The movie opens with a hilarious exchange between Howie (Meatloaf) and Johnny Gavineau (Garret Dillahunt, who you might remember from THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT), where Johnny is looking to purchase a retired tiger from Howie in order to start a local safari in a get-rich-quick scheme. After attempting to swindle Howie into cutting the price, Meatloaf delivers an epic monologue that transforms this cute circus tiger into a blood-craving monstrosity. Following a good thirty minutes of character development – Johnny steals Kelly’s (Briana Evigan from SORORITY ROW) money that was being used to send her autistic brother into care so she could go off to college – the plot thickens when Kelly awakes to discover that there’s a tiger loose in her house. To worsen the situation, Johnny has boarded up the entire house from the outside to protect it from the hurricane. (…)

Watching this movie by myself just wasn’t fair; I was having too much fun and had nobody to share it with. There were moments that had me laughing, sometimes I cheered, and then there were a few occasions where I jumped out of my seat. RAVENOUS is straight-up FUN. [Bloody Disgusting]

Garret Dillahunt in Burning Bright

Lie to Me: Interview with Monica Raymund

Garret Dillahunt,Monica Raymund,Lie to MeIGN talked to Monica Raymund (Ria Torres on Lie to Me) recently and she gave away a few details about the hostage episode. (Not necessarily the main reason I’m quoting her.)

Side note: the interview is dated Sept. 25 and episode 2 is now episode 4.

Spoilers below.

IGN: Can you talk at all about some of the storylines coming up?

Episode 1 we have Erika Christensen from Traffic. She’s a guest star and gives an incredible performance as a woman with multiple personality disorder. So that’s dramatic and fun! Then we have Garret Dillahunt who comes in episode 2. He’s amazing. He’s one of my favorite actors, ever. And he takes me hostage and brings me into the company and takes everyone hostage. It provides for a very entertaining, action-packed episode. Then we go off to Mexico in another episode. I go with Lightman to Mexico, because he needs a Latina to help him… Who doesn’t?! [Laughs] And then we go to Vegas, where we will be near the poker world series tournament.

IGN: I wanted to ask you a bit more about that hostage episode, because I’d imagine Torres would be a bit cooler under pressure in that situation than most.

Raymund: She’s very cool. Obviously, with a gun to your head, you’re going to freak out a little bit. But she understands what she has to do. She understands that there’s lives at stake. So she just does what she needs to do, to make sure everybody is okay. So she just comes in and does her bit. And then a gun goes to Lightman’s head… and that’s where the story really takes off.

IGN: How was it working with Garret Dillahunt on that episode?

Raymund: It was great. I think he’s probably one of the most brilliant actors of our time. I have immense respect for him. [IGN.com, via LieToMeScoop.com]

Here is the press release for the episode:

“LIE TO ME”—(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1



Garret Dillahunt Guest-Stars

Eric Matheson (guest star Dillahunt), a man suspected of killing his wife, is brought in for questioning by the Lightman Group. Determined to prove his innocence, he takes drastic measures that put the team’s lives in danger in the “Honey” episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Oct. 12 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (LTM-202 204) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Cast: Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman; Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster; Monica Raymund as Ria Torres; Brendan Hines as Eli Loker; Mekhi Phifer as FBI Agent Ben Reynolds

Guest Cast: Kristen Ariza as Heidi; Garret Dillahunt as Eric Matheson; Karina Logue as Gwen Burns; Sean O’Bryan as Tom McHenry; Dean Chekvala as Danny Pavelka; Billy Smith as Mike Zancanelli; Stephanie Michels as Cynthia; Kevin McCorkle as Lawrence Edison; Meta Golding as Raven; Alina Phelan as Joan; Michael Patrick McGill as Officer Barnes

Previews and spoilers: CSI, Lie to Me, Burn Notice

Some minor TV updates. (If you are a spoilerphobe, you wanna skip this post entirely or just scroll down to the clips.)


First, Adam at TV Guide spoils the ending of Lie to Me, “Honey”:

What can you tell me about the new season of Lie to Me? — Christina
ADAM: It’s a good thing the show bumped Mekhi Phifer up to series regular, because come Episode 2, his character will save the day when guest star Garret Dillahunt takes Lightman & Co. hostage.

Then, a poster at TWoP attempts to reconstruct the plot of the Burn Notice season finale from the casting sides six months before the air date:

I’ve read more of the casting sides for the season 3 finale, “Devil You Know” (#316), and in the episode Michael rappels down a rope into his loft via the skylight in order to avoid being captured. While at his loft, Michael calls Management to warn him that Simon has escaped and has asked Michael to help him take out Management in order to clear Michael’s name. Michael proposes that Management show up at the arranged meeting point with a team of his own to take out Simon. Michael voices over the scene that sometimes keeping your enemies’ phone numbers comes in handy if you ever need their help in the future. At the end of the scene, Michael sees an FBI team closing in on the loft, so he creates a diversion with C-4, blowing out the windows in the loft while he escapes through the skylight.

Later, Management takes a helicopter to meet Michael, but Simon knows where the helicopter is landing, and the helicopter blows up after Management has gotten out. Michael and Management are hurled to the ground.

There’s also an explosives expert named Keith in the episode, whom Sam and Fiona surprise by driving their Hyundai through a window into his house’s Miami room.

Finally, a couple of clips from the CSI season premiere, which airs next Thursday (Sept. 24). One is a teaser, the other is a scene with Laurence Fishburne and a guest star.

From the looks of it (bullet time, Morpheus), they filmed the episode in the Matrix so make sure you tune in.

New TV alert – Burn Notice 3×16 The Devil You Know

UPDATE: IMDb has the right character, but the wrong episode. Garret will appear in the season three finale, “The Devil You Know,” not in “Dressed to Kill.”


Some confusing news:

A new TV credit has appeared on the IMDb for an upcoming episode of Burn Notice, “Dressed to Kill,” which is either episode 3×13 or 3×14 (sources disagree). SpoilerTV has set pics dated August 21, which corresponds with the filming of the season three finale, “Devil You Know,” which is ep 3×16.

The casting call for “Dressed to Kill” doesn’t mention a Simon (Garret’s character, as listed on IMDb), but there is a character with that name mentioned in the casting call for a different character in ep 3×16:

[MANAGEMENT] Male, Caucasian, 45-60 years old, POWERFUL, DANGEROUS AND INTIMIDATING, he works for the person who rigged Michael’s file and burned him years ago. He’s taken aback by Michael’s assertion that Simon (the man who really committed the crimes in Michael’s file) has escaped and is after him and his boss. They agree to Michael’s plan, but threaten to end him if anything goes awry…GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ACTORS WITH STRONG CREDITS ONLY.

Here is the plotline:

Michael is forced to team up with the psychotic criminal who actually committed the crimes that Management used to burn Michael.

So either the IMDb has the wrong episode or it’s a recurring role. More likely, IMDb messed up and Garret shows up only in 3×16.

Here are the set pics, with John Mahoney and Jeffrey Donovan:

Garret Dillahunt,John Mahoney,Burn Notice,spoilers

Garret Dillahunt, Burn Notice,Jeffrey Donovan

Garret Dillahunt,Burn Notice,Jeffrey Donovan

For all the pics, go to SpoilerTV.

Burn Notice is currently on a break and will return in January 2010.

New guest appearance: CSI season 10 premiere

Some television news:

Garret will guest star on CSI again in the season 10 opener, Family Affair. He will play Tom O’Neill, the head of a celebrity security service who gets a visit from the CSI team after a client’s girlfriend is killed in a car accident. (For clips from his previous appearances on CSI and CSI: NY, click on CSI 3×18 and CSI: NY 1×23.)

SpoilerTV has the casting call for the episode here. Be warned, character descriptions contain plot spoilers.

EW’s Ausiello also has some general spoilers for the new season in his last column. Highlight the text below to read:

Question: Will Grissom be joining Sara back on CSI early in the season? –Lois
Ausiello: No, but some old friends of his will be. Exec producer Carol Mendelsohn reveals to me exclusively that CSI will be bringing back a few members of the infamous Millander clan in this season’s second episode. “The last time we saw [serial killer] Paul Millander was in season 2 when Grissom had dinner at [his alter ego] Judge Mason’s house, because, if you remember Paul lived a double life as a judge. And we met Mrs. Mason and their young son, Craig. Well, Paul’s dead, but Mrs. Mason and Craig live on. And we will see them in episode 2.” Why? Keep reading for a possible clue…

Question: The season premiere of CSI is only two months away. I’m sure that you’ve gotten some kind of spoiler or tidbit to throw to us! –Andy and Rebecca
Ausiello: You can drop the “or.” I’ve got a spoiler and a tidbit, courtesy of exec producer Naren Shankar. First the tidbit: “You’re going to get an explanation for that ring Langston (Laurence Fishburne) still has on his finger in [episode 2].” Now for the spoiler: “We’re going to launch a new season-long serial killer arc this season. Starting at the end of our premiere, a brand new nemesis [will emerge] who has a very unique way of killing.” More unique than that whole miniature thing? “This time, the crime scene is always the body,” Shankar teases. “We’re calling him Dr. Jekyll.”

The CSI season 10 premiere will air on September 24 at 9 on CBS.

Check back soon for some film news.