Raising Hope season two spoilers

Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with Greg Garcia. He gives away some interesting tidbits about season two. Hit the link for the whole article.

You had so many great guest stars last season. Anyone we can look forward to?
We’re early in the process. We start shooting Aug. 8, and we have some really cool guest roles, but we haven’t actively started courting anyone yet. There are a few giant swings that we’re going for. I’m not even going to say their names because it’s not going to happen in a million years. But, you know, I think that what we try to do is create good guest star roles and see who can do them. We’ve had a lot of luck, like with J.K. Simmons as Burt’s brother. He may or may not come back — just because of availability because he’s doing The Closer. That’s a problem, too. You get somebody great, but they have other jobs. Amy Sedaris is going to come back for an episode, so we’re looking forward to that. We’re also going to meet Burt’s parents this season, so that’ll be a fun thing to cast. Oh, and we have Greyson Chance, the kid whose YouTube video has, like, 40 million hits. He’s going to do three episodes. (…)

Any teases as to the storylines we’re going to see this year?
The whole family is going to go to Vegas for Amy Sedaris’ wedding. And we’re also going to learn a lot about our side characters: Frank who works at the grocery store, and we’re going to investigate Barney. His ex-wife is going to come to town. We’re going to have fun with that. The first episode we shoot is a lot of flashbacks, and one of the fun things about flashbacks is that Cloris can be lucid. So it gives her different things to play. So we’re definitely going to do more this season.