Updates: Looper, Raising Hope, Oliver Sherman, Memphis Beat

Yeah, let’s start with that last one. A new TV appearance has showed up on Garret’s list of credits at the IMDb: Memphis Beat, episode 2×06, “Body of Evidence.” No details yet except for the character’s name (Tim Wayne), but it’s too soon anyway. Season two of Memphis Beat premieres on Tuesday, June 14 at 9/8, so we won’t see the episode for another couple of months.

Second, great news from Cannes, via Deadline: Looper has found a distributor. Report:

A frenzied Saturday auction on the Croisette has ended with FilmDistrict in final negotiations for U.S. distribution rights to Looper, the Rian Johnson-directed science fiction film that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis. There were at least six bidders spanning major studios and independents, and it sounds like some serious upfront money was paid. But the intriguing part is that the deal orchestrated between CAA and FilmDistrict’s Peter Schlessel will likely end in FilmDistrict using an option with Sony Pictures, which would release and market the film through the TriStar label. That replicates the distribution structure of District 9, which Schlessel acquired while he was at Sony. The picture has a similarly brainy construct and is also reminiscent of the first Terminator.

Johnson wrote the script, about a contract killer who works for the mob of the future, and who kills victims that are sent back in time 30 years, so there is no trace of the crime in the future. It’s a great gig, until the killer (Gordon-Levitt) recognizes that one of his targets (Willis) is a futuristic version of himself.

Third, two new reviews of Oliver Sherman showed up at LonelyReviewer.com and Pajiba.com and they’re both pretty spectacular. Check them out.

And, on the Raising Hope front, there is a new interview with Garret at Zap2it. Snippet:

“Martha and I are both glad it was a plot point,” says Dillahunt, “that we’re young grandparents.”

And he doesn’t mind co-starring with babies.

“They turned 1 toward the end of the season,” says Dillahunt. “We really like them, and they’re getting very comfortable with us. I find myself missing them.

“They are great. I think we won the baby race, if nothing else. They have different skills. Rylie’s the Meryl Streep of babies. You bring her in for all the emotional stuff and all the spit-take-type stuff. Baylie’s the stunt baby.”

Last, the clips from the Raising Hope season finale, “Don’t Vote for This Episode,” which airs this Tuesday at 9 pm: