Any Day Now

Any Day Now & Revenge for Jolly! at Tribeca

The official lineup for the Tribeca Film Festival has been announced today. Any Day Now will be screened in the Spotlight section and Revenge for Jolly! in the Cinemania section.

Tribeca’s 2012 Film Guide won’t go live until mid-March so no screening dates yet, but you can find general ticket information here.

First photo from Jolly!:

garret dillahunt,revenge for jolly

Revenge for Jolly!
Directed by Chadd Harbold, written by Brian Petsos
(USA) – World Premiere, Narrative
Harry (Brian Petsos) will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his beloved dog, Jolly. He and his demented cousin Cecil (Oscar Isaac) follow a series of clues in a frenzied attempt to track down the dog’s murderer, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Elijah Wood, Kristen Wiig, Adam Brody, Ryan Phillippe, Gillian Jacobs, Bobby Moynihan, Kevin Corrigan, David Rasche, Amy Siemetz, and Garret Dillahunt all stand between Harry and revenge for Jolly.

Any Day Now
Directed by Travis Fine, written by Travis Fine and George Arthur Bloom
(USA) – World Premiere, Narrative
In the late 1970s, when a mentally handicapped teenager is abandoned, a gay couple takes him in and becomes the family he’s never had. But once the unconventional living arrangement is discovered by authorities, the men must fight a biased legal system to adopt the child they have come to love as their own. Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt star in TFF alum Travis Fine’s (The Space Between) touching and occasionally incendiary drama.

New interview and some film updates

Raising Hope moves to the 8 pm slot this Tuesday and Garret said he’ll be promoting it left and right this week. So far, only one interview showed up, at, and it’s the one he did for What’s Worth Watching a few days ago (see pic).

Katy Perry guests in this week’s episode. You can find an interview with her and Shannon Woodward at Hope for Fans. Promotional pics are here: “Single White Female Role Model.” I’ve also added pages for the next two episodes — “Spanks Butt, No Spanks” (March 13), “Poking Holes in the Story” (March 20) — and for the three films that have been missing from the site: Headhunter, Any Day Now and Revenge for Jolly!

The full lineup for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival hasn’t been announced yet, but Garret says that both Revenge for Jolly! and Any Day Now will be screened there next month. The festival runs from April 18 to April 29 this, so if you’re in New York around that time, you’d better catch them both.

Elsewhere on the film front, the first footage from Looper will be shown at Sony’s panel at WonderCon in Anaheim in a couple of weeks. From Continue reading

Raising Hope cast interviews & more details about Any Day Now

sean bridgers,garret dillahunt,raising hopeFox has released the photos from Raising Hope 2×03, “Kidnapped,” with Sean Bridgers guest starring. (Hit the ^ link to see all of them.)

“Kidnapped” airs on October 4.

The first article about Any Day Now showed up on Hollywood News today. It has some new info about Garret’s character, the story and the producers, as well as the first production still from the film, with Garret and Alan Cumming (see Hollywood News). A few tidbits:

Set in the 1970s and inspired by a true story, the film chronicles a gay couple who take in a teenage boy with Down Syndrome who has been abandoned by his drug addicted mother. As the teen discovers the strong bonds of family for the first time in his life, disapproving authorities step in to tear the boy from the only stable environment he has ever known. As the gay men fight to adopt this extraordinary special needs child, they wage an unlikely and unforgettable battle against a system stacked against them.

“I’m a huge fan of the gritty, character-driven dramas that were made during the 1970?s,” said Fine . “’Any Day Now’ offers me an opportunity as a filmmaker to revisit that time period cinematically, address social issues that are just as relevant today as they were 35 years ago and explore unique characters who discover love in the most unlikely of places.”

Cumming plays Rudy Donatello, a brash, charismatic and world wise drag performer who makes the bold decision to take the abandoned child into his life. Dillahunt portrays Paul Fleiger, a closeted Deputy District Attorney, who risks his career to fight for the men he loves. Fisher plays a stern family court judge who is tasked with rendering a decision in the highly unconventional adoption case. And Any Day Now introduces Isaac Levya, an actor with Down Syndrome, who makes a stunning and remarkable film debut as Marco, a boy abandoned by his mother only to be taken in by two strangers who provide a safe, stable and loving home.

And here is a new clip with interviews with the RH cast, called “When I was 13:”

New film: Revenge for Jolly!

IndieWIRE reports that Garret has made another film, called Revenge for Jolly! It was written by Brian Petsos and directed by Chadd Harbold, who also made One Night Only. Here is some more info:

Actors Oscar Isaac, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody, Ryan Phillippe, Kristen Wiig, David Rasche, Kevin Corrigan, Garret Dillahunt, Bobby Moynihan, and Gillian Jacobs are all part of the recently wrapped “Revenge For Jolly!” directed by short filmmaker Chadd Harbold and starring Brian Petsos. (…)

A dramatic dark comedy, “Revenge For Jolly!” follows a man (Petsos) who, with the help of his cousin (Oscar Isaac), seeks to avenge the death of his beloved dog, who was killed under confusing and suspicious circumstances. The two men follow a series of clues in an attempt to track down the dog’s murderer, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

With all these names, it’s probably safe to presume that many of these appearances amount to small roles or cameos.

In other news, Famlee has had a title change and is now called Any Day Now.

Garret will do another show with The Thrilling Adventure Hour folks on October 1.

Slightly OT at this point, but big congrats to the Alphas creative team on getting picked up for a second season! Syfy made the announcement earlier today.

And AOL TV has posted an exclusive clip from the Raising Hope DVD, a deleted scene with Garret and Lucas Neff: