New film: Revenge for Jolly!

IndieWIRE reports that Garret has made another film, called Revenge for Jolly! It was written by Brian Petsos and directed by Chadd Harbold, who also made One Night Only. Here is some more info:

Actors Oscar Isaac, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody, Ryan Phillippe, Kristen Wiig, David Rasche, Kevin Corrigan, Garret Dillahunt, Bobby Moynihan, and Gillian Jacobs are all part of the recently wrapped “Revenge For Jolly!” directed by short filmmaker Chadd Harbold and starring Brian Petsos. (…)

A dramatic dark comedy, “Revenge For Jolly!” follows a man (Petsos) who, with the help of his cousin (Oscar Isaac), seeks to avenge the death of his beloved dog, who was killed under confusing and suspicious circumstances. The two men follow a series of clues in an attempt to track down the dog’s murderer, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

With all these names, it’s probably safe to presume that many of these appearances amount to small roles or cameos.

In other news, Famlee has had a title change and is now called Any Day Now.

Garret will do another show with The Thrilling Adventure Hour folks on October 1.

Slightly OT at this point, but big congrats to the Alphas creative team on getting picked up for a second season! Syfy made the announcement earlier today.

And AOL TV has posted an exclusive clip from the Raising Hope DVD, a deleted scene with Garret and Lucas Neff: