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Any Day Now is out in a limited release – interviews & clips

any day now,garret dillahunt,alan cumming,movie posterAny Day Now opens in theatres in a bunch of cities across the U.S. today. You can find the list of theatres at

Rage Monthly talked to Garret about the film. Hit the link for the full interview.

The actor has been surprised and edified by the response to Any Day Now. “I’m not surprised it was good or I guess I’ll say important, but I didn’t think it would be so well-accepted. I’ve been in some award-winning films (including Winter’s Bone, The Road and the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men) but I don’t think I’ve been in one that has won every audience award where it’s played.”

Dillahunt also speaks highly of his co-star, Alan Cumming. “He’s something, I dig him,” he said initially before going on to rave: “I’ve been a fan of his since (the 1995 movie) Circle of Friends and had seen him in Cabaret on Broadway. It was so easy working with him; he’s like a little piece of joy. He’s hopeful and really good for the character of Rudy (Paul’s drag-performer partner in the film) in that way. He’s also really strong and forceful and he never breaks eye contact with you when you’re speaking with him.”

This is from The Advocate (more at the link):

This is a story about family, the foster care system, disability, coming out and so on. But at the heart it’s a love story between your button down closeted character, Paul, and Alan Cumming’s free-spirited drag performer, Rudy. What was most critical to you to get across in the film?
That these were living, breathing human beings. The whole thing will fall apart, obviously, if the audience doesn’t believe the love between these two, seemingly, opposites.
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Vote for Any Day Now in the Gotham Independent Film Awards!

any day now,gotham audience awardAny Day Now is up for the Audience Award at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, and it’s the number of votes the nominated films get online that will determine the winner.

The goal, for starters, is to get Any Day Now among the top five films, which will then go to round two of voting on November 5. The winner will be announced on November 26.

The nominated films are audience award winners from the top 50 festivals in North America. Any Day Now has won six audience prizes so far and opens in theatres on December 14.


^ All you need to do is leave a name and an email address where it says “login to vote” and select Any Day Now, so it doesn’t take longer than a few seconds, and it could really help the film before the release.

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