Oliver Sherman opens in Canada, new interview with Garret

garret dillahunt,oliver shermanOliver Sherman finally hits theatres this weekend, at least in Canada. It opens in Toronto tomorrow, then in Vancouver on Feb. 18, and in Ottawa on Feb. 25 (says TwitchFilm). If you’re in Canada, you can check your local listings at

For a few hi-res production stills from the film like the one on the right, see: Oliver Sherman Image Gallery.

Eye Weekly talked to Garret about the film recently and they have an article up at

Here is a snippet or two:

It’s remarkable that Ryan Redford was able to get the cast that he did for a first-timer—how did you come to be involved with Oliver Sherman?

I think he was a big Deadwood fan, and he really wanted to work with us. It was Molly who first called me just saying, “Hey, there’s this kid up here—you should really take a look at this thing. And he wants it for us.” I was pleased and flattered. He came to New York, where I was doing a play at the time. I was between film jobs so it was perfect timing and I really liked him. When that kind of stuff happens, it’s exciting. This was one of those films you do that you always thought you would do when you aspired to be an actor. I hope that it finds a life outside of Canada because I think it’s one of the best films that I’ve ever been in, and that includes No Country and Assassination.

Are you pleased that the character of Sherman turned out to be so much more complex than the one-note villain he might’ve been?

Ryan really clung tenaciously to the story he wanted to tell with Oliver Sherman, and it was not a thriller by any means. A tragedy is what it is. It’s really about the war for Franklin’s soul, with his wife on one side and Sherman on the other. And it’s about these two soldiers and how they each came back and dealt with civilian life in completely different ways.

There is also an interesting interview with Ryan Redford at

And here is everything you need to know about the story and the production, from the press pack:

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Synopsis & pics from Raising Hope 1×13, “A Germ of a Story”

raising hope,raising hope promo,garret dillahunt,baby,martha plimptonFox has released the promotional photos from Raising Hope 1×13, “A Germ of a Story,” which airs on February 15. You can find the pictures on the episode’s page: Raising Hope 1×13.

Here is the synopsis, from Fox’s February schedule:

When Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) points out to Jimmy just how many germs are lurking around his house, the Chance family becomes obsessed with cleanliness. Finding it impossible to keep Maw Maw (guest star Cloris Leachman) clean, they move her to the backyard greenhouse, but after watching some old family movies, they discover a surprising secret that has kept them healthy all these years.

And here is a tidbit from Kristin Dos Santos’ spoiler column at E! Online:

Raising Hope returns on Feb. 8, and Jimmy (Lucas Neff) sparks up a bromance with another single dad and puts the not-so-smooth moves on his new man friend. FYI, if you’re confused by Virginia’s (Martha Plimpton) newfound Spielberg tendencies in the Feb. 8 episode, wait until the Feb. 15 episode airs and then all will become clear. (The eps are seemingly being aired in a different order than the order in which they were written and filmed. Blah.)

And a new teaser for Fox Tuesday:

Raising Hope 1×12 stills & Fox Tuesday promo

garret dillahunt,cloris leachman,raising hopeFox has released the promotional stills from the next episode of Raising Hope, “Romeo and Romeo.” You can see them on the episode’s page: Raising Hope 1×12.

Here is a longer synopsis:

Jimmy hasn’t had any time to socialize or make friends since Hope was born, so when he meets another single dad at the grocery store, he immediately sets up a play date. But when Jimmy finds out that Virginia is his new friend’s housekeeper, Virginia insists that Jimmy cancel the outing. In an effort to keep the peace, Jimmy and his friend arrange a dinner at the Chance house.

And here is the Fox Tuesday teaser:

Pictures from Raising Hope 1×11, “Toy Story”

raising hope,christmas,garret dillahunt,cloris leachman

Fox has released the promotional stills for Raising Hope 1×11, “Toy Story.” The episode airs on December 7. Here is the synopsis:

When Jimmy was a kid, every year Burt would get the season’s hottest toy and sell them off for money, leaving Jimmy disappointed and without the coolest toys. This year, Burt lets Jimmy in on his scheme, but Jimmy makes him promise to save one toy for Hope. Meanwhile, Virginia signs up the family to participate in the church’s living nativity scene in order to gain respect from the church members.

Examiner has a couple of quotes from Garret about the Thanksgiving episode (“Meet the Grandparents“) and the Christmas episode (“Toy Story,” I’m guessing):

“It puts on display those horrible holidays or evenings we all have that just sort of vary. Like just sort of ‘Remember that one time…’?” Dillahunt continued. (…)

In other words, Hope’s other grandparents may not fare as well. After all, Dillahunt did share that they won’t be back come Christmas time. Instead, the celebration is left up to the Chances. Will they set a tree on fire or forget to buy the baby presents or something a little less wacky?

“Virginia gets to sing again,” Dillahunt previewed. “We fancy ourselves [a musical family], but I don’t know if we’re actually any good!”

raising hope,christmas episode,garret dillahunt,lucas neff,shannon woodward,martha plimpton

garret dillahunt,raising hope,christmas episode,shannon woodward

garret dillahunt,martha plimpton,christmas,raising hope

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