Synopsis & pics from Raising Hope 1×13, “A Germ of a Story”

raising hope,raising hope promo,garret dillahunt,baby,martha plimptonFox has released the promotional photos from Raising Hope 1×13, “A Germ of a Story,” which airs on February 15. You can find the pictures on the episode’s page: Raising Hope 1×13.

Here is the synopsis, from Fox’s February schedule:

When Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) points out to Jimmy just how many germs are lurking around his house, the Chance family becomes obsessed with cleanliness. Finding it impossible to keep Maw Maw (guest star Cloris Leachman) clean, they move her to the backyard greenhouse, but after watching some old family movies, they discover a surprising secret that has kept them healthy all these years.

And here is a tidbit from Kristin Dos Santos’ spoiler column at E! Online:

Raising Hope returns on Feb. 8, and Jimmy (Lucas Neff) sparks up a bromance with another single dad and puts the not-so-smooth moves on his new man friend. FYI, if you’re confused by Virginia’s (Martha Plimpton) newfound Spielberg tendencies in the Feb. 8 episode, wait until the Feb. 15 episode airs and then all will become clear. (The eps are seemingly being aired in a different order than the order in which they were written and filmed. Blah.)

And a new teaser for Fox Tuesday: