Monsters of God update

Several casting announcements for Monsters of God were made in the last couple of weeks and they include a few more details about the show. Pat Healy, Caitlin Gerard and Brian Geraghty are joining as regulars.

Healy will play Sergeant Major Wit Reynolds, a barbarous and power hungry U.S. Army NCO who works directly with Colonel Lancaster and is one of the few at Fort Thayer to agree with his desire to exterminate the Comanche tribe. Ruthless in his own way, Reynolds makes his power known, even standing up to the Colonel when Lancaster steps out of bounds. He has a taste for alcohol and women, and no time for underlings. He has spent his entire career working for Lancaster. — Deadline

Gerard will play Ayasha. Seemingly a beautiful, feisty, and strong Comanche woman, Ayasha is captured by Lancaster (Dillahunt) and revealed to be Caucasian. She refuses to speak to Lancaster or go along with his attempts to assimilate her; Ayasha is loyal to her tribe and is ready to fight for her freedom. — Deadline

Geraghty will play Major Ellroy McQueen, the handsome, well-groomed and thoughtful new executive officer to Colonel Lancaster – an appointment that doesn’t sit well with the Colonel. Always careful to only say as much as he needs to, McQueen is well aware of Lancaster’s ruthless tendencies, and must determine the best way to approach this new position. — Hollywood Reporter