New interview for Raising Hope

Raising Hope poster,Garret Dillahunt,Lucas has new interviews with Garret, Martha Plimpton and Lucas Neff. You can read them here.


Bullz-Eye: I’ve got to tell you, man, that the scene in the pilot with the car seat…? I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard.

Garret Dillahunt: Oh, yeah? There’s a few of those in there. For me, it’s the puking moments. Mmmm-mmm! (Laughs) (…)

BE: Martha was just saying that you guys have a connection to Tim Blake-Nelson.

GD: Yeah! There was a play [Eye of God] I did a long time ago, and…did she tell you the story?

BE: She did. And, actually, I talked to Tim a few months ago.

GD: Oh, cool! Yeah, I love Tim. I really wanted to be in that movie, but at the time, I had no name. I think Kevin Anderson played my part. And it was a shame, because Martha and I had always kind of passed each other without actually working together. And, then, her dad…you know, I killed her dad (Keith Carradine) on “Deadwood.” (Laughs)

BE: I had forgotten that!

GD: Yeah, she’d come hang out, and she was going to be in the fourth season, I think, but they didn’t pick it up. It’s just been a constant series of missed opportunities to work together…but, now, here we are, and it’s great! (…)

BE: So what can we expect to see from the show beyond the pilot?

GD: Well, it’s going to be a process, I think, of everyone in the family maturing and beginning to become better parents. I like the fact that Burt has kind of a warm, fuzzy center, even though he likes to sort of fuck around with the kids. That’s what I think you’ll see, though: them maturing.

BE: Were you sorry that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” ended when it did?

GD: Yeah, man, I would’ve been happy if it’d come back. I like sci-fi stuff. I’m kind of a geek about that. I have a lot of comic books at home. It was a good job.

BE: Lastly, what’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on that didn’t get the love you thought it deserved?
GD: Oh, geez. Uh…I don’t know. It sort of would’ve been nice if “Deadwood” had had a final year…but I was done on it, anyway! (Laughs) I guess it’d be “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” I think that’s a great movie, and it didn’t get nearly the studio support that I thought it should’ve.