Oliver Sherman – new article

Nugget.ca has a new article about Oliver Sherman, which starts filming tomorrow (or later today, depending on where you are).


(^ That’s the set decorator on Twitter.)

From the article:

Oliver Sherman, produced by The Film Works, is a psychological thriller staring Garret Dillahunt as the title character, who goes in search of the man who saved him during a war. The film is set in modern times but doesn’t specify which war or where it happened. Sherman eventually finds the man, who has moved on with his life, starting a family in a small town.

The family takes Sherman as a harmless, disconnected man, but soon realize he is angry and unstable.

“We looked all over Northern Ontario for locations that worked,” said producer Paul Stephens.

“A lot of the action takes place in and around the farm house so we wanted a small town look.”


Stephens said they have been in town for the past six weeks preparing for the production and training local people who are anxious to learn the specialized skills of the film industry. (…)

“The most challenging part is getting the trust of the community and working with local people to train them in very specialized jobs,” he said. [Nugget.ca]