The Last House on the Left

The Last House on the Left gets a release date

The Last House on the Left will be released on Friday, March 13.

Rogue Pictures’ The Last House on the Left is set for release on March 13th. The trailer, which premiered last week, was attached to a print of the 10pm screening of My Bloody Valentine 3D last night and received a fairly positive reaction from the crowd who responded to the preview’s “microwave gag.” []

Last House on the Left – new stills, comments, trailer news

Rogue Pictures has released a couple of new stills from The Last House on the Left. They are available at Fangoria Online.

From the same site:

Fango visited the South African set of LAST HOUSE ’09, and based on the cast’s remarks, this version isn’t dialing down the intensity. “This is a hard one,” Dillahunt tells us. “I think we’re in a bit of denial about some of the scenes. I’m sure the original cast had similar experiences.”

“I really feel this is going to do the original justice,” adds Aaron Paul, who co-stars as Francis. “People are going to be creeped the f**k out and disturbed. For instance, the scene with the Krug family and the girls in the woods—it’s just terrifying, and what Garret has done with Krug is just brilliant.”

Look for more of Fango’s on-set coverage of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT beginning in issue #281, on sale in February.

The trailer is being sent out with David Goyer’s The Unborn (Gary Oldman’s Nazi curse flick) and is expected to hit theatres this weekend, says