Talhotblond released on DVD, new Raising Hope tonight

garret dillahunt,talhotblondJust a heads-up for anyone who hasn’t seen the film yet: Talhotblond is out on DVD today. You can get it on Amazon.

Looper was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the U.S. on Dec. 31, and will be out in the UK on January 28: Region 2 DVD, Region 2 Blu-ray.

Here are a few previews of tonight’s Raising Hope, “Lord of the Ring:”

Burt tells Jimmy that he needs to buy Sabrina a nice engagement ring, even if she claims she doesn’t need one, so Jimmy starts volunteering for a series of exotic medical experiments to come up with the cash. Meanwhile Virginia has been pawning her engagement ring for years behind Burt’s back to pay for odds and ends. But when Jimmy visits the pawnshop and falls in love with his own mom’s ring, her secret may be out.

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Raising Hope is back tonight – previews (and new interview)

raising hope,back to the future episodeRaising Hope returns in a DeLorean tonight with episode 3×11, “Credit Where Credit Is Due.”

Men’s Health has a really good interview with Garret. You can listen to it here.

And tonight at 8 pm:

When Jimmy and Sabrina decide to buy a new car that will be safer for Hope, they discover that Jimmy has a rock-bottom credit score that dates back to when he was a child. Burt and Virginia confess that they had maxed out a credit card in Jimmy’s name, and plead with their bank representative Dennis (guest star Christopher Lloyd) to clear his debt, even if it means giving up their new DeLorean.

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Any Day Now is out in a limited release – interviews & clips

any day now,garret dillahunt,alan cumming,movie posterAny Day Now opens in theatres in a bunch of cities across the U.S. today. You can find the list of theatres at

Rage Monthly talked to Garret about the film. Hit the link for the full interview.

The actor has been surprised and edified by the response to Any Day Now. “I’m not surprised it was good or I guess I’ll say important, but I didn’t think it would be so well-accepted. I’ve been in some award-winning films (including Winter’s Bone, The Road and the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men) but I don’t think I’ve been in one that has won every audience award where it’s played.”

Dillahunt also speaks highly of his co-star, Alan Cumming. “He’s something, I dig him,” he said initially before going on to rave: “I’ve been a fan of his since (the 1995 movie) Circle of Friends and had seen him in Cabaret on Broadway. It was so easy working with him; he’s like a little piece of joy. He’s hopeful and really good for the character of Rudy (Paul’s drag-performer partner in the film) in that way. He’s also really strong and forceful and he never breaks eye contact with you when you’re speaking with him.”

This is from The Advocate (more at the link):

This is a story about family, the foster care system, disability, coming out and so on. But at the heart it’s a love story between your button down closeted character, Paul, and Alan Cumming’s free-spirited drag performer, Rudy. What was most critical to you to get across in the film?
That these were living, breathing human beings. The whole thing will fall apart, obviously, if the audience doesn’t believe the love between these two, seemingly, opposites.
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New interview and Raising Hope previews

garret dillahunt,last christmasSF Gate has a new interview with Garret. Hit the link for the full article.

Actor Garret Dillahunt became known as a sitcom guy when he was starting out. He acted in so many pilots that he had trouble getting work in dramas. Then he became the drama guy, breaking through in such things as “Deadwood” (playing two very different dark characters in successive seasons), “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” and “Winter’s Bone.” Then he won the role of ditzy patriarch Burt Chance on the sitcom “Raising Hope” – and he’s back to being that comedy guy again.
“People’s memories are so short,” Dillahunt, 48, says during a phone call. “I went in for a meeting recently and the director was like, ‘I like him very much. Can he do anything besides comedy?’ And you’re like, ‘… OK, send him the tape.’ It’s just pointless to worry about it almost, and I sort of enjoy the challenge of it. ‘Yeah, yeah, tell him I can do it.'” — SF Gate

Looper got nominated for five Critics’ Choice Awards, for Best Original Screenplay, Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, Best Action Movie, Best Actor in an Action Movie (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Best Actress in an Action Movie (Emily Blunt). A few days ago, the Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Association also gave it the WAFCA Award for Best Original Screenplay. Congrats to all!

And here are the previews of tonight’s ep of Raising Hope, “Last Christmas:”

Virginia is convinced that the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012. So she uses her extreme couponing skills to stock up on supplies and she forces the family to train for the apocalypse. Meanwhile, Jimmy is determined to give Hope the best Christmas he can, since it likely will be the first one she remembers, and Maw Maw tries to knock a few more items off her bucket list before the world ends.

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