Raising Hope previews and BTS featurettes

Raising Hope 3×04, “If a Ham Falls in the Woods,” airs tonight at 8 pm. Fox ordered additional two episodes the other day, so there will be 24 episodes this season.

What happens in tonight’s episode:

Jimmy and Sabrina attend a marriage retreat led by a priest (guest star Leslie Jordan) before they get married. Not wanting to miss out on a free vacation, Virginia and Burt pose as a newly engaged couple, so they can attend too. It becomes a true family affair when Sabrina’s mom Tamara (guest star Melanie Griffith) and her young lover, Roberto (guest star Wilmer Valderrama), tag along. Meanwhile, Barney forgoes his birthday plans to babysit Maw Maw.


And a couple of BTS clips:

And a couple from the last two episodes (Hope for Fans has some photos, too):