Remembering Sex

Baryo update and some older clips

Some details about Garret’s character in Baryo showed up today on yet another blog to watch, Extras in Paradise. This is from a Q & A with John Sayles:

EA – Are any of the characters based on the journal authors?

[John Sayles] – A lot of the soldiers are compilations of the soldiers I read about in many diaries. More specifically Chris Cooper’s (Colonel Hardacre) is based on an actual Colonel named Hellroarin’ Jacob Smith. Lieutenant Compton’s character is based on a volunteer officer, which would have been one of the better educated Americans who came to the Philippines for… glory or something. They eventually had to choose to go home or sign up as an officer. Compton’s plays one of those men who begins to pick his head up and see what’s going on. Rafael is based on any of the 100,000 or Filipino mayors who suffered by being caught between the American’s and the rebels.

And I’ve finally uploaded a few clips from Maximum Bob and the early movies. You can find them here: Maximum Bob, By Courier, Last Call, Remembering Sex.

Here is one from Maximum Bob, with Liz Vassey:

[media id=109 width=560 height=340]