The Road – first review

The Road was screened in NYC the other day. AICN has the first shamelessly gushing review.

John Hillcoat has taken this dark and brooding story and turned it into something so cinematic yet still maintaining an absolutely faithful adaptation. I had read in an interview with him a while back where he said he was planning on adding a bit more color to this movie because an audience ‘doesn’t want to look at grey for 2 hours.’ Well if he did he made it very very subtle because the color scheme works entirely. It’s still very grey and still very dark. The scope of this movie is unbelievable with vast and detailed landscapes representing a dead world. These shots are accompanied by voiceovers spoken by The Man from passages taken directly from the book. As far as the visual aspects go and how much we are allowed to see of this world is niether overdone or underdone. It’s not JUST a forest and it’s not The Day After Tomorrow. The artistic direction really substitutes for the writing in the book and helped to give me the same feeling I got when I read it. A perfect balance.

So we have these seven performances that make up this movie.

Robert Duvall, Guy Pearce, Garret Dillahunt and Michael K. Williams all have one scene each of very important characters, all of which give us a very good portrait of every aspect of this society. I could go off on each of them and how they gave each role so much and why it worked so well with the world of the movie but this review would be far too long. They’re all just great.

More from the Last House screening

An excerpt from another report from the Last House screening the other day:

The newest incarnation of Last House is simply a better made film than the original, yet it also lacks some of the raw and undeniable power of the original. Garret Dillahunt brings to a modern day Krug, a quiet storm that is waiting to explode. Mr. Dillahunt comes from theatre and it certainly shows in his performance. His previous work including NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD and “Deadwood” seem to pushing him into a strong and respected actor. He was attracted to Last House for many reasons, “It’s such a great character. Such a great story and for me, it’s all about story. And part of this story is there has to be a bad guy and he has to be significant. You know, he has to be a real force for these people to deal with.” And truly, his force here has a strong, subtle and emotional edge.

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Burning Bright: Garret plays Beastwizard’s distant cousin

During the Q & A for The Last House on the Left, someone asked Garret about Burning Bright so we finally have some info about that one.

Here is what he said:

– about the character:

“Have you ever driven through the South like, ‘Come to Johnny’s Rattlesnake Pit!’? He’s that guy and he’s got a wild animal farm.”

– about the director and his co-star:

“I like Carlos Brooks, he did Quid Pro Quo. And Briana Evigan, she’s something else! She’s cool, down to earth and fun.”

– about playing with the tiger:

“That would be too dangerous. There’s a lot of green screen stuff. It confuses me, I try to comprehend it but I don’t ever know quite how they do it. But there is a lot of green screen with shooting our actions to what they film the tiger doing. Meanwhile, the tiger has been chasing around a green chicken.”

– about recent reshoots:

“I did a new beginning of the movie. With Meat Loaf! He’s really fun and a sweet guy.”