Oliver Sherman

Oliver Sherman gets a DVD release date in Canada

garret dillahunt,oliver shermanLooks like Oliver Sherman will be released on DVD in Canada on May 24. A listing for the film appeared on Amazon Canada in the last week or so.

Still no word on theatrical release for the U.S. and the rest of the world, so if you’re impatient and live in region 1 or have a region-free/NTSC-friendly DVD player (or can play unfriendly DVDs on your VLC media player), you can pre-order the film on Amazon.ca.

Oliver Sherman opens in Canada, new interview with Garret

garret dillahunt,oliver shermanOliver Sherman finally hits theatres this weekend, at least in Canada. It opens in Toronto tomorrow, then in Vancouver on Feb. 18, and in Ottawa on Feb. 25 (says TwitchFilm). If you’re in Canada, you can check your local listings at Tribute.ca.

For a few hi-res production stills from the film like the one on the right, see: Oliver Sherman Image Gallery.

Eye Weekly talked to Garret about the film recently and they have an article up at http://www.eyeweekly.com/film/interview/article/110374

Here is a snippet or two:

It’s remarkable that Ryan Redford was able to get the cast that he did for a first-timer—how did you come to be involved with Oliver Sherman?

I think he was a big Deadwood fan, and he really wanted to work with us. It was Molly who first called me just saying, “Hey, there’s this kid up here—you should really take a look at this thing. And he wants it for us.” I was pleased and flattered. He came to New York, where I was doing a play at the time. I was between film jobs so it was perfect timing and I really liked him. When that kind of stuff happens, it’s exciting. This was one of those films you do that you always thought you would do when you aspired to be an actor. I hope that it finds a life outside of Canada because I think it’s one of the best films that I’ve ever been in, and that includes No Country and Assassination.

Are you pleased that the character of Sherman turned out to be so much more complex than the one-note villain he might’ve been?

Ryan really clung tenaciously to the story he wanted to tell with Oliver Sherman, and it was not a thriller by any means. A tragedy is what it is. It’s really about the war for Franklin’s soul, with his wife on one side and Sherman on the other. And it’s about these two soldiers and how they each came back and dealt with civilian life in completely different ways.

There is also an interesting interview with Ryan Redford at Canada.com.

And here is everything you need to know about the story and the production, from the press pack:

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Oliver Sherman to be screened at Göteborg Film Festival

Oliver Sherman will be shown at the Göteborg International Film Festival in early February. If you’re anywhere near Sweden and interested in going, you can find the screening schedule here.

The film will be competing for the Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award, usually given to a first or second time director “who in his film treats an existential theme that has a dynamic or experimental approach to the cinematic means of expression.”

Updates: Winter’s Bone, Amigo, Oliver Sherman, Raising Hope

Updates on several fronts this week.

Winter’s Bone has been nominated for a British Independent Film Award in the Best Foreign Film category. The winners will be announced on December 5.

Amigo was screened at AFI Fest 2010 the other day. Hollywood.com has a few pictures. Hollywood Reporter caught up with Garret at the event and got him to share a few details about the upcoming guest stars on Raising Hope, Amy Sedaris and Jason Lee.  Hit the link for the spoilers. Here’s another interesting snippet:

Dillahunt has his eye on Dexter and Boardwalk Empire as TV shows he’d like to appear in, but there’s another he wants to try out.

“I’d say [Starz’s] Spartacus, but I don’t want to have to wear a loincloth. I’d be pale and hairy. Who knew Spartacus shaved down so much, right?” Dillahunt said with a laugh.

Was he surprised by Raising Hope’s full-season order?

“Not really. I think it’s a really good show. In this climate, there’s no telling what’s going to happen, but I thought it deserved it. I’m happy about it. And I don’t die in it,” Dillahunt joked. [THR]

Tyler Shields did another photoshoot with Garret, this time also with Izabella Miko (that’s Carrie from Deadwood) and Ali Cobrin. You can see the pictures here.

And another clip from Oliver Sherman showed up on YouTube. It’s a scene with Garret and Molly Parker. The film has been added to the Whistler Film Festival lineup and will be screened there on December 4 (see listing).