Oliver Sherman

Raising Hope finale airs tonight, Oliver Sherman gets a UK distributor

No new previews, just a reminder that the Raising Hope season finale, “Don’t Vote for This Episode,” airs tonight at 9 pm on Fox.

Entertainment Weekly talked to Garret about the episode. Here is what he says:

garret dillahunt,lucas neff,raising hope“I think it’s the best episode of a good season,” says Garret Dillahunt, who plays Burt. “I think my favorite part of the episode is all the chance meetings or passings that happen [with] people that we don’t know that we’re heavily involved with in five years. I think that’s really cool.” His least favorite part? Well, the part that left him sitting opposite a real-life alpaca, covered in a spit-like goo, naturally.

“There are some things that are funny to watch but aren’t so funny to shoot. This was one of those,” he says laughing. “It made all these little noises, like [grunts, presumably like an alpaca would]. And we didn’t know if that was a satisfied sound or a dissatisfied sound.”

Meanwhile, Screen Daily reports that Oliver Sherman has found a distributor for the UK and Ireland:

Cinefile will release the first EoF title Oliver Sherman in the UK and Ireland, while the Galway Film Festival will screen the film as part of its official section.

Ryan Redford’s Sherman has already secured distribution in France and Hungary thanks to the EoF initiative.

The film will next be screened at the Seattle International Film Festival on Saturday, June 4. If you’re in the area, you can get the tickets at SIFF.net.

Clips from Raising Hope 1×20, “Everybody Flirts… Sometimes”

Caught a few tweets earlier saying that Garret was at IFFBoston for the Oliver Sherman screening and Q&A yesterday, but other than a few people tweeting that they really liked the film, there aren’t any reports/photos/videos from the event yet.

Meanwhile, Fox has posted the previews of tomorrow’s Raising Hope, “Everybody Flirts… Sometimes,” and also a clip with Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee, probably from next week’s ep, “Baby Monitor:”

More screening dates for Oliver Sherman

Oliver Sherman,poster,Garret DillahuntLooks like Oliver Sherman will be hitting the road again in the next couple of months. From Eye on Films:

Besides Hungary, we are pleased to announce that OLIVER SHERMAN will also participate in the US EoF festival:

Seattle International Film Festival (19 May – 12 June)

and will be released in France by Kanibal Films (Arnaud KERNEGUEZ) after an avant-premiere at Festival Paris Cinema (2-13 July 2011).

And it’s only the beginning!…

With more than 30 partners in 15 countries all around the world, the Eye on Films project is a guarantee of festival exposure and commercial exploitation, for OLIVER SHERMAN and other titles soon to be confirmed in the EoF selection.

New screening for Oliver Sherman: Titanic Film Festival (Budapest)

Oliver Sherman will be shown at the Titanic Film Festival in Budapest this month (April 8 & 16). More details at TitanicFilmFest.hu.

The film also has a distribution deal in Hungary and France under the new Eye On Films initiative. Eye on Films is a “unique, global network of film professionals, which guarantees the circulation of a selection of first feature films in festivals partners in Europe and third countries, and the commercial exploitation of these films by distribution partners in Europe and third countries.”

Not sure if this means more festival screenings or theatrical release, or both, but for now there is a list of Eye on Films’ distribution and festival partners on the EoF site. They’re probably the ones who are the most likely to “circulate” and “commercially exploit” the film in Europe and elsewhere.