German trailer for Houston & new interview

Fan Voice has a new interview with Garret. It’s mostly about Raising Hope, but there is also some stuff in there about T:SCC and Deadwood, and even an update on Arkansas Traveler:

Fan Voice: They used to do westerns all the time in Hollywood. Do you feel lucky that you got to do one in the modern era?
Garret Dillahunt: So lucky. Look, Deadwood, Jesse James, even No Country for Old Men in a way. I got to be on a horse and wear a cowboy hat. I feel so blessed to have been in so many and I hope to be in more. I’m producing a Civil War movie so I hope to be in more.

Fan Voice: What’s the Civil War movie?
Garret Dillahunt: It’s called Arkansas Traveler, written by one of my Deadwood cohorts. Me and John Hawkes, Ian McShane are attached. We’re just trying to finance it. Getting close.

Fan Voice: What is the premise?
Garret Dillahunt: It’s about a rebel soldier who’s in a Yankee prison. He’s really good at what he does which is kill people and fight. He’s tired and wants to go home. So it’s about him trying to go home but he keeps being *ssholes that have to be dealt with. I think it’s a beautiful story. It could be any soldier from any war.

And Houston has a release date in Germany (December 5). Here is a fun new trailer, with no dubbing thankfully: