Raising Hope returns tonight with season four premiere

Raising Hope season 4Raising Hope is finally back tonight at 9/8c on Fox with the first two episodes of season four, “Déjà Vu Man” and “Burt Bucks.”

Mike Mariano, the new showrunner, wrote a guest column for the Hollywood Reporter. Here is a quick message from him (more at the link):

If it takes a village to raise a child, I figure it takes 6 million to 8 million viewers to nurture a television show. So if you see Raising Hope wandering around like a lost teenager on a Friday night, be nice. Pitch in. Maybe even set your DVR to “season pass,” and be sure to press “play” within three to seven days. Preferably three.

Earlier this week, he gave a few details about the episode Garret will direct this season to Give Me My Remote:

“It is an episode where Martha [Plimpton]‘s character, Virginia, goes to dinner with her boss,” Mariano told me. “And where Jimmy…has an issue with Hope’s pet.”

It’ll still be a little bit before Dillahunt steps behind the camera — Mariano told me he was just about to get the first draft of the script — but it sounds like it could be a good one, yes?

TV Guide has a season four preview here.

TV Fanatic has posted a recent interview with Garret & Martha today:

And here is a short BTS clip from the season opener:

And a few more clips from Fox:

Raising Hope (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) – “Déjà Vu Man”

A mysterious Natesville resident (guest star Jeffrey Tambor) keeps popping up in the Chance’s lives. When Burt (Garret Dillahunt) and Virginia (Martha Plimpton) decide to investigate his identity, Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) reveals a little-known secret about Virginia’s past.

Raising Hope (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) – “Burt Bucks”

Burt and Virginia introduce Natesville to a new bartering system called “Burt Bucks” that looks an awful lot like a pyramid scheme. But when the market gets flooded with their printed currency, they learn a thing or two about the economy. Meanwhile, Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) saves Jimmy’s (Lucas Neff) life making him question his masculinity.