Raising Hope is back tonight at 8pm

Season three of Raising Hope premieres at 8/7 on Fox. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, here is what to expect (from Raising-Hope.us):

A few new interviews showed up. There is one with the whole cast at TV Guide:

Tamara [Melanie Griffith] will not only clash with her daughter, but also the Chances, who have taken in Sabrina as one of their own. “She always introduces us as her daughter’s boyfriend’s poor parents so that tells you something about what she thinks of us,” Garret Dillahunt says.

It will be an uphill battle, but Neff has faith Jimmy will ultimately win over Sabrina’s mom. “I think it’s just going to be another test for Jimmy to sort of fail for a while and then barely get a D-minus and pass,” Neff says with a laugh. “He makes mistakes right up until the last possible second and then learns from them.”

Not long after Tamara’s arrival, the Chances will also meet her much younger boyfriend, minor league baseball player Rocket Ricardo Montez (Wilmer Valderrama).”Burt is totally, completely starstruck with Wilmer Valderrama’s character rand then all three couples go on a retreat for couples, which is run by their church,” Dillahunt says. “We kick all of their butts because we’re secretly married. We cheat.”

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