Interview from the Tribeca Film Festival

The Insider has a new interview with Garret that has tons of new info about his recent projects. Stealing a few snippets (below), read the rest at the link.

Raising Hope:

Insider: What are you hoping to do in season three with Burt that you haven’t yet?
Garret: Well, I really like how physical they have Burt – I’m always wrestling and jumping and running and falling – it’s the most physically demanding show I’ve ever done, which I wasn’t expecting, but that’s what makes it fun. I hope to keep that up. And I wonder what would happen if Sabrina and Jimmy got a place of their own, which would make Burt and Virginia deal with empty nest syndrome for the first time. But that’s just me – I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Any Day Now:

Insider: You have two films opening at The Tribeca Film Festival. First is Any Day Now, where you play one half a gay couple (alongside Alan Cumming) who tries to adopt. What attracted you to this project?
Garret: First, I’m a fan of Alan’s and he was already attached when I signed on. He’s just joy. There’s nothing toxic about the guy – he’s all about having a good time as he makes his way through life. I also thought it was a beautiful story that would be very difficult to bring to life without being sappy or manipulative – that presented an interesting challenge. As did playing this barely out of the closet attorney in the 1970s, who has to make some massive leaps in his personal life in order to make public proclamations of who he loves. It seemed very timely as well.

Revenge for Jolly:

Insider: How did Alan compare to Kristen Wiig, whom you marry in Revenge For Jolly?
Garret: [laughs] Well, my responsibilities are a lot less in Jolly. It’s a great, long wedding scene. I had played Kristen’s husband before in this short called One Night Only. Her boyfriend wrote that movie and also Jolly, so I guess he thinks Kristen and I have good on-screen chemistry. She’s another one, like Alan, that is unafraid. She jumps wholeheartedly into a role and you can’t help but be right there with them.


Insider: Who do you play in the movie?
Garret: I play Jesse, who is one of the “Gatmen” – they’re the dudes in the long black coats that are the enforcers for the bad guys. I’m hunting Joseph’s character when he messes up and breaks the rules, which allows me to the baddest of the “Gatmen.” I had the real leather coat, just so you know – which was not the best in New Orleans heat [laughs], What I like about the characters in this film is that there’s no white hats. I’m just a guy with a family trying to do his job. I don’t want to get hurt, I just want to find him and go home.

Killing Them Softly:

Insider: Didn’t Killing Them Softly [which reunites Garret with his Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford director Andrew Dominik] also film in New Orleans?
Garret: It did, but my role is just a cameo in that because Andrew was bringing back the whole Jesse James crew. Although the first cut of the film was two and a half hours long, and I know they had to trim that down to an hour and a half, so I might have been cut out. I don’t know. But it was great to see those guys again.