New film and clips from tonight’s Raising Hope

So yeah, if you’re on Twitter, this won’t be news. Garret is shooting a Lifetime film called Talhotblond. Courteney Cox is directing and Laura San Giacomo is in it, too. You can find a couple of BTS pics on Twitter (pic 1, pic 2). This is how Cox described the film to USA Today last month:

The film, “is a true story about two people falling in love on the Internet, but no one’s who they’re supposed to be,” she says, visibly excited describing the project at her Coquette Productions office in West Hollywood. “There’s a murder out of jealousy. It’s a really interesting documentary. It’s a great role for a guy – and it’s not your typical battered woman.”

Note: the title is a screen name, it’s spelled TallHotBlonde in the script, and that’s how the casting director calls it, but I’m going with the director’s version for now. From her description, it sounds like the film is based on the 2009 documentary Talhotblond, which was based on a true story (wild guess, Garret plays the guy with the moustache):

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Elsewhere, Raising Hope 2×18 “Poking Holes in the Story” airs tonight at 8 pm. Sneak peeks: