New interviews & Raising Hope previews

Bay Today has a new interview with Garret from the Genies. It’s mostly about Oliver Sherman. Hit the link for the whole article.

Lyle: As a master at portraying a character who descends into mental illness, in this case as a soldier, how did you blend the lines of Sherman Oliver between likable and downright spooky?
Dillahunt: I don’t know about the master thing, but I don’t really think about making a character likeable or not. I just try and tell the story. In this case, I think there existed a heartbreaking innocence in the character. Maintaining that innocence was key, in my mind.

Lyle: Brooding and evolving characters seem to be one of your signature skills. This one seems subtle. Do you think that a non-veteran could pull of such a complicated character profile?
Dillahunt: Don’t know. Just not the way I think, I guess. I hope I pulled this off, but I’m sure another actor could put a cool spin of his own on it.

Another Fox Lounge clip with Garret and Martha showed up on YouTube:

And here are the clips from “Spanks Butt, No Spanks:”