Second part of the AssignmentX interview

garret dillahunt,oliver sherman,molly parkerThe second part of the interview that showed up on AssignmentX back in April is finally up. You can read the whole article here. It’s mostly about Terminator, with a few tidbits about Raising Hope and Oliver Sherman. Here is the part about TSCC season three:

AX: Did you know where Season Three might have gone if there had been a Season Three?
DILLAHUNT: You know, it changes always so much, but the last I’d been told was that we were going into that future world, because remember, we’d gone through time at the end, and John Henry was loose and I would be a player for the resistance in the future, which I was really looking forward to.

AX: So you were going to come down on the side of humans?
DILLAHUNT: I believe so, yes. In fact, Shirley’s character as well turned out to be for the good.

AX: It was left a little unclear where your two characters were in the future…
DILLAHUNT: Yes, that’s what would have been answered and that’s what they hoped for, because I think also Derek [Brian Austin Greene] could have been there. He’d been killed in one of the episodes.

garret dillahunt,oliver shermanAnd possibly some good news about a U.S. release date for Oliver Sherman:

AX: Do you have anything else you did that’s coming out?
DILLAHUNT: OLIVER SHERMAN is a film I’m very, very proud of. It opened in Canada [in February]. It’s me and Donal Logue and Molly Parker and it’s a beautiful movie. I’m really, really proud of it. We still haven’t found U.S. distribution yet, but that effort is just starting to step up, so hopefully it’ll be here as well.