Promotional stills from Raising Hope 1×15 & 1×16

lucas neff,garret dillahunt,raising hope,snip snip,photosOkay, airing order mess sorted. The next episode of Raising Hope is “Snip Snip” and the one with Mary-Lynn Rajskub and J.K. Simmons airs two weeks from now. I’ve added pages with photos from both episodes here: “Snip Snip,” “The Cultish Personality.”

Ep 15 airs next Tuesday at 9:30, after American Idol. From TV by the Numbers:

Next week American Idol will air on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-9:30p and on Thursday from 8-10p. On Tuesday March 1 Raising Hope will air from 9:30-10p getting the Idol boost. Traffic Light will get that boost on Wednesday March 2 at 9:30p.

Here is the synopsis for 1×15, “Snip Snip:”

When Virginia and Sabrina discover secrets about each other, Sabrina blackmails Virginia into keeping her mouth shut. Meanwhile, Jimmy takes Burt to get a vasectomy after a family vote.

jk simmons,raising hope,cultish personality,photosAnd for 1×16, “The Cultish Personality” (airs March 8):

Cousin Mike visits the Chance family after a six-month spiritual quest and brings his new wife, Tanya (Mary-Lynn Rajskub), and his three brother-husbands with him. Meanwhile, Burt tries to patch a strained father-son relationship between his brother (J.K. Simmons) and Mike, but winds up getting himself in trouble.

There are some new behind-the-scenes pics on the show’s official Facebook page.

And Raising Hope made it to #3 on Hollywood Reporter’s The Power Rankings! this week. Here is what they say about the show:

Rolling along in its stunningly funny freshman season, Raising Hope continues to really nail the combination of clueless ferocity and unexpected sweetness. The casting on this show is excellent, with Garret Dillahunt’s mastery of dopey, irritable and sensitive being one of the comic surprises of the season. Under appreciated as well.