New interview for Raising Hope (and Fox still wants your babies)

A new interview showed up at Posting a few snippets about the next two episodes below (pretty sure they got the airing order backwards, but could be wrong) and, for the whole thing, you can follow the link.

garret dillahunt,raising hopeRaising Hope airs tonight at 9 pm.

PW: For me the moment we learned he secretly scared his son in order to get hugs was when I felt like we really learned what a sweet guy he is.
Garret: Yea, I would agree with you. For me, it was a surprise when we sang the lullaby in the pilot. That’s when I realized that for all his faults, Burt is the guy who gets up at 5am and play his guitar to put his kid to sleep. And he’s not angry about it. That was a great surprise. Him and Virginia are a formidable couple, and Martha & I have so much fun together.

PW: And you bring the guitar back next week when Jason Lee guest stars, right?
Garret: Yea, Jason comes in as Burt’s hero — Smokey Floyd — who he met a long time ago when he lost the chance to play guitar alongside him. Now he gets another chance when Smokey comes back to town. Jason’s hilarious and he endured hours or Latex makeup every morning.

PW: Which must have stood in stark contrast to your costume needs.
Garret: Yea! Put on my PJ’s and go. They call me about 15 minutes before yelling action now. It’s pretty sweet.

PW: But before Jason cameos, we have tonight’s Christmas episode — what can you tell us about it?
Garret: Tonight you learn about Burt’s annual habit of making some extra cash at Christmas by finding out what the hot toy is, buying it in bulk and selling it back to the public at a considerable mark-up. It’s amazing how much that hysteria can be created. [Watch Raising Hope or Garret Dillahunt will jack up your car]

Meanwhile, Fox has put out an official casting call for more stunt babies, so if you have one to rent, keep reading:


Your Child Could Win a “Crawl-On” Role on the Hit FOX Comedy RAISING HOPE

All-New Episode of RAISING HOPE Featuring Guest Star Jason Lee (“My Name Is Earl”) Airs Tonight

FOX is giving tiny tykes the opportunity of a lifetime by hosting a casting “crawl” for the hit comedy series RAISING HOPE. The lucky little winner – 3 years old or younger – will receive a trip for four to Hollywood and the ultimate baby book keepsake:a visit to the set of RAISING HOPE and the chance to hang out with the cast and crew of the show. Interested parents should upload photos or videos of their adorable babies to

Members of the public will vote on their favorite entrant, and the winner will be chosen from the 25 entries with the most votes.Video submissions must be limited to 30 seconds, filmed in front of a plain backdrop and must not include any musical accompaniment. Additionally, the videos must showcase only the entrant’s child; no multi-person performances are permitted. The deadline for submissions is 6:00 PM PT on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010. Visit for more information and additional rules.

In the next all-new episode of RAISING HOPE airing tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 30 (9:01-9:30 PM ET/PT), on FOX, BURT (Garret Dillahunt) is reminded how he had to give up on his teenage dreams of being a rock star because he was a parent. JIMMY (Lucas Neff) feels so guilty for ruining his father’s dream that he gets him a second chance to relive his rock fantasy with his music idol, SMOKEY FLOYD (guest star Jason Lee), at the upcoming Grocery-Palooza concert. [The Futon Critic]