Updates: Oliver Sherman, Winter’s Bone, Raising Hope

Oliver Sherman was screened in North Bay last weekend. CottageCountryNow.ca has a nice, long article about the film. And Ryan Redford won another prize for it (Grand Prix Focus for best Canadian feature) at the Festival du nouveau cinéma, which ended a couple of days ago.

Winter’s Bone is out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. It will also be available via Movies on Demand.

Here is another recent interview with Garret:

And he was on Fox All Access this weekend. I haven’t seen any longer clips yet, but this preview showed up on Fox.com:

garret dillahunt,lucas neff,martha plimpton,raising hopeAnd some Raising Hope updates. Pictures are from episode 1×10, “Meet the Grandparents,” which airs in late November. Don’t forget that two episodes air tomorrow at 9 and 9:30 pm, after Glee’s Rocky Horror fest.

Here is the list of all the episodes that will air this month and next (no new ep on Nov. 2):

Tuesday, October 26 – “Happy Halloween/Family Secrets” (One-Hour Episode)

When Sabrina’s (Shannon Woodward) boyfriend can’t make it to the deli guy’s Halloween party, Jimmy (Lucas Neff) offers to put on his costume and go in his place. Virginia (Martha Plimpton) takes Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman), who is dressed as a cat, trick-or-treating while Burt (Garret Dillahunt) plots ways to play tricks on Jimmy. Meanwhile, when a box containing videos of Hope’s mother arrives from prison, Jimmy must decide whether or not to let Hope see them. Virginia explains that children need to be protected from the truth, leading Jimmy to question what exactly his parents have been keeping from him.

raising hope 1x10,garret dillahuntSaturday, October 30 (9:30 pm) – “Happy Halloween”

When Sabrina’s boyfriend can’t make it to the deli guy’s Halloween party, Jimmy offers to put on his costume and go in his place. Virginia takes Maw Maw, who is dressed as a cat, trick-or-treating, while Burt plots ways to play tricks on Jimmy in an encore episode.

Tuesday, November 9 – “The Sniffles”

When Hope catches a cold, Virginia (Martha Plimpton) goes into panic mode because the family doesn’t have health insurance, so she locks Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) in her bedroom to avoid getting sick. However, when Jimmy (Lucas Neff) realizes that he can’t afford to take Hope to a doctor without insurance, he figures out a way to secure a second job at the grocery store where Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) works.

November 16 – “Blue Dots”

raising hope,garret dillahunt,lucas neff,greg germannWhen Hope starts imitating the dogs at her day care, Jimmy decides to enroll her in an expensive, high-end center. But the blemish on Burt’s (Garret Dillahunt) record needs to be expunged before Hope has any chance of getting accepted. However, when trying to turn Burt’s past around the rest of the family ends up in a bind of their own and must pull together to straighten things out with the law.

November 23 – “Meet the Grandparents”

Instead of sleeping in and ordering pizza, per his normal Thanksgiving custom, Jimmy invites Hope’s other grandparents, Dale (guest star Greg Germann) and Margine (guest star Valerie Mahaffey), to join the Chances for a more traditional holiday dinner. The Chances soon realize that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when Dale and Margine kidnap Hope, and it’s up to them to get her back. [Fox November sweeps]