New interviews and promotional stills from Raising Hope 1×09

Okay, three new(ish) interviews today, but first the press release for Raising Hope 1×09, “Blue Dots,” which airs in about a month (pics in the post are from that episode):

RAISING HOPE “Blue Dots” Season 1 Episode 9 – Jimmy (Lucas Neff), Virginia (Martha Plimpton) and Burt (Garret Dillahunt) learn how they can qualify for a scholarship so Hope can attend an expensive day care facility. The Chance family also visits a lawyer (guest star Lou Wagner) in the “Blue Dots” episode of RAISING HOPE airing Tuesday, Nov. 16 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

And there were a bunch of reports yesterday saying that Jason Lee from My Name Is Earl (and, yeah, a bunch of Kevin Smith movies) will make a guest appearance in an episode titled “Burt Rocks” and play “Smokey Daniels, a washed-up rock star who is hired as the lead act for ‘Grocery-Palooza,’ a rock concert at the grocery store where Sabrina works.”

Interviews after the jump.

raising hope,garret dillahunt,lucas neff,martha plimpton

There is one from an event that took place a couple of days ago (Environmental Media Association Celebrates 2010 EMA Awards) over at Getty Images.

raising hope,blue dots,garret dillahunt,lucas neff,martha plimpton

This one showed up at yesterday (follow the link for the whole article) and it’s pretty great:

For those who have not seen [Raising Hope] yet, give us what you think is the number one reason to tune in.

I think in the span of twenty two minutes of our stories, you will actually make an audible laugh sound, and you will feel good at the end of the show. It feels like you’re dealing with real people, even though the situations are really exploded. I kind of feel like I know people like this. They’re just good people, trying to make a go of it, having a hard time but managing to keep a sense of humor and a sense of, believe it or not, family.

You almost hate to say it, but it’s sort of like the times. I was going to say this country, but I guess this whole world is going through this hard time right now. I think that’s another reason our show sort of makes people feel OK. It’s a real product of the times. (…)

Who are some of the writers you most admire, and have perhaps influenced you along the way?

Well there’s so many. I collect books, and I like all kinds of books. That’s probably not surprising. Obviously I love Cormac McCarthy. I’ve been reading him since college, and I’ve made a silent pact with myself to be in every movie made of his stuff. So far, I’m in two. Another one is Ron Hansen, who wrote Jesse James and some incredible other books that I think would be great movies as well.

We met a lot of cool dudes off of Deadwood, because they were all fans of that show. Tom Franklin is another great guy. I seem to be drawn to sort of Southern male authors, it seems. But I also love fantasy stuff. I’ve become friends with this guy, Joe Abercrombie who writes these really interesting, believable books. He’s British. I guess that would be in the fantasy genre. Sherman Alexie is great. He’s an American author.

I could go all day, and it would be boring.

raising hope,garret dillahunt,blue dots,martha plimpton,lucas neff

And this one is about a month old, but I just caught it:

And here is a behind-the-scenes clip, probably from the same day: