Oliver Sherman wraps filming today

Nugget.ca has a new article about Oliver Sherman. They talked to producer Paul Stephens.

The feature film, a psychological thriller starring Garret Dillahunt as the title character who goes in search of the man who saved him during a war, wraps up shooting today at the Bull and Quench Pub on the corner of McIntyre and John Streets.

The film is set in modern times but doesn’t specify which war or where it happened. Sherman eventually finds the man, who has moved on with his life, starting a family in a small town.

The family sees Sherman as a harmless, disconnected man, but soon realizes he is unstable.

We are shooting a couple of pub scenes where the two heroes are talking to each other,” Stephens said.

The film includes scenes shot in Powassan, Trout Creek and Chisholm Township.

Stephens expects editing to be wrapped up in February or March with the film ready to release in April.

The world premiere will probably be at the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 9 to 18, 2010) but we are hoping to have a screening at the Capitol Centre,” he said.

Stephens said North Bay has an array of talented individuals. The production cast about 10 local speaking parts, 150 extras and used many locals on its crew. [Nugget.ca]