Terminator updates, season two DVD & Blu-ray out in September

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two DVDTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season two will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 15 22. No word yet on deleted scenes (Beastwizard would be nice) and other bonus features, but the collection will have six discs and <- that’s what the box art will look like.

In related news, Josh Friedman is back among the living in the blogosphere and has a lengthy post up about the days leading up to the cancellation. You can check it out HERE.

The fan campaign isn’t over either. Earlier today, someone posted this on Warner Bros’ official Twitter page: “I hear ur proclamations of TSCC love – so I gotta know, when did u first fall under TSCC’s spell?” Bottom line, WB may not be as disinclined to shop the show around as they were only weeks ago, so if you have a Twitter account, consider leaving them a quick message. The show is also now being streamed on the WB site. You can revisit the first five episodes of season one HERE.

There’s also a bunch of bigger season one screencaps (season two coming this week) on the site:

1×04 Heavy Metal, page one
1×04 Heavy Metal, page two
1×05 Queen’s Gambit
1×08 Vick’s Chip, page one
1×08 Vick’s Chip, page two
1×09 What He Beheld

And there’s also some Life news:

Season two will be available on DVD a bit earlier than Terminator, on August 25. If you are not planning on getting it and either live in the U.S. or know how to use proxies, you can still check out both episodes with Garret on Hulu at these links: 2×12 Trapdoor, 2×21 One.