Life season two finale – promotional photos

Garret Dillahunt in the season two finale of NBC's LifeIt’s confirmed: Garret will definitely appear in the season finale of Life, episode 2×21, “One.”

SpoilerTV posted some promotional pics earlier today and most of them have Roman Nevikov (looking a lot like Garret and not some random guy posing behind bars and laughing evilly about it in Crews’ face) in them.

For those who have followed the series so far or just tuned in in the last couple of episodes: the pictures reveal a major plot point so don’t look at them unless you want to be spoiled.

To see the pics, hit this link: Life 2×21 One.

The season finale, which might also double as the series finale if the Nielsen dinosaur has the last say, airs on Wednesday, April 8, at 9PM/8PMc on NBC.