Winter’s Bone – new article has a new article about Winter’s Bone. It is mainly about tax incentives, the local actors who were cast in the film, and what the production means for local tourism.

Here is a snippet:

Granik says it was important to her to film here and use local actors because real accents and dialect give legitimacy to the film.

“The last thing we wanted to do was be outsiders and create a film that was grossly inaccurate,” Granik says.

After seeing Granik’s first film, Daniel Woodrell says he knew she was the right director to turn his book into a movie.

“She has the artistic integrity that this film needs, and I think it will be a film of high merit, whether it sells scads of tickets or not,” Woodrell says in an interview via e-mail.

“The novel was not designed to highlight drug problems. Drugs are incidental to the characters, part of their lives, their world, but not of primary interest to me. I don’t think the meth situation in southwest Missouri is a secret anymore, but is a widely known aspect of Ozark life,” Woodrell says. []