More about The Road, from Garret

While promoting The Last House on the Left, Garret talked to ShockTillYouDrop and had a few things to say about The Road. Quotes below.

About the November 2008 release date:

“There wasn’t time. I think it was very ambitious for them to think they could get it edited together and out for the Oscar season. I think they realized – and I say this because I have a very small part in it – Viggo and the kid are fantastic, but I think they realized they have a very special thing on their hands. They wanted to do it right, so why not hang onto it?”

About the shoot:

“I only had to be there for a few days and it was exhausting. They have incredible stamina, those two. Viggo’s a horse.”

On the subject of hope in the film:

“[The Road carries] more hope than No Country for Old Men. That film was, ‘Look, this is what the world is today. There’s a new crime out there and if you can’t handle it, you better retire. Go hide in the woods, old man.’ And he does. The Road actually ends quite hopeful. This little boy… there’s a phrase they say, ‘You have to carry the fire.’ The fire means this hope, this belief in goodness, we’re the good guys. That’s what [the father and son] say as they try to live fighting off cannibals and stuff. In the end you feel like it’ll bloom again, man will find a way. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful.” []