Winter’s Bone – new project?

From this blog:

More good news for Woodrell [Daniel Woodrell] fans: Winter’s Bone – the movie – is set to be filmed in the Ozarks in the next several weeks, Debra Granik, the writer/director of Down to the Bone, (the film Martin Scorsese saw and said get me that Vera Farmiga woman for The Departed – what is it with this director and “Bone” movies anyhow?), is helming with Deadwood co-stars, Garret Dillahunt and John Hawkes, (as Teardrop) rumored to be involved.

FYI, there are no official sources for this one.

There was a call for extras in January on the casting company’s page, but there is no mention of any of the leading cast and the film has yet to be listed on most big sites. It has a page on  The production is supposed to start some time in February.