Zack Whedon

Fan spotting: Zack Whedon

Because I never get tired of these:

“Dr. Horrible” [and Deadwood and John from Cincinnati and Fringe] writer Zack Whedon will be tackling considerably darker fare in his upcoming “Terminator” miniseries from Dark Horse. The writer, who is the younger brother of “Dollhouse” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon, is no stranger to science fiction, having written several episodes of the television series “Fringe.” Whedon’s three-issue “Terminator” miniseries begins in March, shining the spotlight on Kyle Reese, the man destined to sire the savior of humankind. (…)

Though Whedon does not remember the first time he saw the original “Terminator” film (“but I’m sure it was on video”), he does know that he became an enthusiastic fan with the release of the sequel. “I vividly remember seeing ‘T2.’ I went to see it twice in one day, or two days in a row at least. I was blown away by it,” he said. “I called my brother and we talked for a long time about all the things we loved about the movie. Both of those hold up incredibly well. I’m fond of the whole series, and I loved the TV show, too. I did the all of the ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ on DVD and disappeared for a week or two. I thought they did an amazing job with that show of finding stories to tell about Sarah and John that felt fresh and exciting. I’m also a big fan of Garret Dillahunt, who made an awesome Terminator.” [Comic Book Resources]