Shawn Ryan

Another guest appearance: Lie to Me, episode 2×02

This just in, from Shawn Ryan (new Lie to Me showrunner):

To those of you who guessed Garret Dillahunt as our big guest star on Ep.2 of Lie To Me… give yourselves a hand.

Here is the casting call for the character, from

[ERIC MATHESON] mid to late 30s. Male. Caucasian. A fugitive suspected of murdering his wife, Matheson takes Lightman (Tim Roth) hostage in an effort to prove his innocence. He’s been in trouble with the law before and made lots of enemies. He feels guilty for dragging his wife into his dangerous world and will do anything to clear his name and find the real killer. GUEST LEAD

Life fans will be happy to know that producer/writer/director Dan Sackheim is also on board for season two.

Lie to Me returns on September 28, so unless there are any schedule changes, episode 2×02 should air on Monday, October 5 at 9 PM on Fox, right after House.