David Bowie

Favourite TV moments with 411mania’s Al Norton

Al Norton at 411mania.com asked a bunch of famous folks to share their favourite TV moments to celebrate the 150th edition of his column, Two Tivos to Paradise:

Garret Dillahunt is one of the industry’s most in-demand character actors, finishing up runs on Life and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles this past season. He most recently was seen starring opposite Delroy Lindo in the New York Theater Workshop’s production of Things of Dry Hours.

I’m gonna show my vintage tastes here… but I remember coming home after school and watching TV for a few hours while snacking on cinnamon toast. It was Flintstones, Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island and wrapping it up with The Carol Burnett Show, where one day they were doing a spoof soap opera called “As The Stomach Turns“. Tim Conway falling in slow motion down a flight of stairs and then rolling himself up in a carpet, toppling all the furniture as he did so killed me–as well as Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett who could NOT keep it together. Obviously not what was rehearsed. Comic genius and TV gold.

Another, completely different jaw dropper for me… April 20, 1992. The Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert For Aids Awareness. I was fresh out of college when I happened across this televised event. David Bowie and Annie Lennox sang “Under Pressure” and it was one of the most moving performances I’d ever seen. Two artists at the top of their game, singing for a worldwide audience, for something larger than themselves and for the memory of their friend. Lennox was in mourning dress, ash-like makeup thickly applied around her eyes, was running down her face as she wept and sang her heart out. Truly moving, and a valuable early lesson for a fledgling performer.