Burn Notice season finale

Burn Notice season finale teaser

From USA’s site:

Here is another synopsis for the episode, from TV Guide:

In the third-season finale, Michael goes up against a terrorist who’s threatening to detonate a bomb in Miami if Michael doesn’t cooperate with his plans. To make matters worse, the FBI is closely following Michael’s every move.

Burn Notice 3×16, “Devil You Know,” airs next Thursday (March 4) at 10 on USA.

Burn Notice season three finale airs…

… on Thursday, March 4, at 10 ET according to USA’s schedule. That’s two weeks from tomorrow.

NBC Universal has released a few promotional stills from the episode, among them this one:

garret dillahunt,burn notice,devil you know

And here is the synopsis for “Devil You Know,” from TV.com:

Michael is approached by his alter ego – the man who actually committed the crimes that were used to burn him.