Beast to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Beast, the film Garret made in the Philippines last summer, will have its world premiere at the 2015 TIFF. The first screenings are scheduled for September 14 and there will be a few more before the festival is over. For dates and venues, visit

There is also, finally, some info about the film and a few stills:

In the teeming, steaming streets of Manila, we meet Jaime (Chad McKinney), a young Filipino-American boxer managed by his father Rick (Garret Dillahunt), an American expat. Rick has great ambitions for his son, and convinces the reluctant Jaime to tamper with his gloves in order to win a match that matters a lot to some nefarious sideliners. When his defeated opponent dies from injuries sustained in the match, the guilt-stricken Jaime insists on turning himself in, despite pressure from his father to keep quiet. However, the criminals who had a stake in the game are combing the streets for Jaime, and the young boxer has already found his way to his opponent’s family — who now must join him on the run.

New interview (The Mindy Project)

Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with Garret with some details about his character in The Mindy Project:

The Hand of God star heads to Schulman & Associates as doctor Jody Kimball, Mindy’s (Mindy Kaling) temporary replacement.

“He’s a bit racist, a bit sexist, a bit old-fashioned,” Dillahunt told EW Thursday night at Amazon Studios’ Hollywood premiere of Hand of God. “So we butt heads coming on.”

Dillahunt started filming with the Mindy gang on Monday, and though he’s no stranger to streaming service series, the actor definitely felt he was flexing a different muscle when it came to straying from the Amazon drama. “I think it’s necessary,” Dillahunt said of trying out a different genre. “It should be a requirement. I thought that’s what we always do. I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity.”

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