No Country for Old Men – new DVD & Blu-ray release

No Country for Old Men will be re-released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 7. Both releases will have two-disc collector’s edition sets with new special features.

Here is the list:

  • ABC “Popcorn” Video
  • Channel 4 News — Joel And Ethan Coen Appearance
  • Lunch With David Poland — IKLIPZ — Javier Bardem And Josh Brolin Interview
  • WNBC Reel Talk With Lyons & Bailes — Josh Brolin
  • LA WGAW Q & A Panel
  • Six Additional Audio Interviews
  • Digital Copy
  • Josh Brolin’s Unauthorized Behind-The-Scenes
  • Q & A With Joel And Ethan Coen, Roger Deakins And The Sound And Production Design Crews
  • Charlie Rose Featuring Joel And Ethan Coen, Josh Brolin And Javier Bardem
  • “Just A Minute…With Javier Bardem”
  • VARIETY Screening Series Q & A
  • Instore Appearance With Javier Bardem And Josh Brolin
  • The Making of No Country For Old Men (from the original release)
  • Working With The Coens (from the original release)
  • The Diary Of A Country Sheriff (from the original release)

The Last House on the Left gets a release date

The Last House on the Left will be released on Friday, March 13.

Rogue Pictures’ The Last House on the Left is set for release on March 13th. The trailer, which premiered last week, was attached to a print of the 10pm screening of My Bloody Valentine 3D last night and received a fairly positive reaction from the crowd who responded to the preview’s “microwave gag.” []

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×14 clip + new podcast

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has a new official podcast site at that will feature weekly updates, just like the Fox Terminator blog.

Josh Friedman posted the first video podcast yesterday and it includes a clip from episode 2×14, “The Good Wound.”