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The Road hits DVD & Blu-ray shelves on May 25

From Fangoria:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a DVD/Blu-ray date for THE ROAD (pictured), director John Hillcoat’s adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel, set in a postapocaplyptic future through which a father and his young son struggle to survive.

The bleak survival thriller hits disc May 25. No special features, if any, have yet been announced to accompany the movie, which stars Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce. It’ll be presented in anamorphic widescreen, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio; retail price is $27.96 for the DVD, $34.95 for the Blu-ray.

And you can pre-order both on Amazon:

The Last House on the Left Q&A – Garret, Monica Potter & Wes Craven

The Last House on the Left Region 2 Blu-rayThe Last House on the Left will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in region 2 on October 19. British film site Stale Popcorn posted their Q&A sessions with Garret, Monica Potter and Wes Craven. Here is a snippet:

Q: How is Krug different in this movie to the villain in the 1972 version?

A: Times have changed, and I wanted my guy to be more of a rageaholic, without the drug influence. And the father angle is explored further in this movie as well.

Q: Krug must be one of the most horrific characters you have ever played.

A: Yes, but I also felt sorry for him. I know people who are angry at what life has handed them – albeit not to that extreme – and take it out on everyone around them.

Q: And it’s even more tragic here due to the fact that he also has a kid…

A: And a good kid who, despite Krug, is kind of normal and ultimately does what is right, so it’s tragic that he doesn’t have a proper father.

Q: So, your character is multi-layered then?

A: That’s what I liked about him. His complexity made my job interesting.

Q: It seems that as an actor you like to challenge yourself with very different roles, going from one extreme to another…

A: I know, but I thought that’s what we were supposed to do as actors: one day you are the king and the next you are the beggar. I feel a sense of accomplishment if I can pull off a character that is very far from me or from the last character I played. It’s important to me.

Q: When you think of a villain that has impressed you on screen, which film comes to mind?

A: I really like Terrence Malick’s BADLANDS because that villain – a serial killer – is very interesting.

To read the whole thing, go here.

Terminator DVD details for the UK (out November 16)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete Season Two Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete Second Season comes out in the UK on November 16. Not sure if the additional stuff applies to the entire region 2 (probably not), but there’s at least one country that will get the complete edition. Details below.


Gag reel
Five minute gag reel

“Samson and Delilah” – Audio Commentary with Ex. Producer Josh Friedman and actors Lena Headey Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau, and Shirley Manson.
“Allison from Palmdale” – Audio Commentary with Ex. Producers Josh Friedman, James Middleton, and John Wirth, and actors Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau
Episode 221 “Adam Raised a Cain”
Episode 222 “Born to Run”

The Storyboard Process: Cameron Goes Bad
Cameron vs. Rosie: Fight Rehearsal
Write the Future: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Conceptualization: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Blood and Metal: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Designing Destruction: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Choreographing Chaos: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
War Stories: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Setting the Tempo: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Motivations: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Deleted Scenes
Ep. 3T7308 Sc. 47 John and Cameron have a moment in the bathroom
Ep. 3T7313 Sc. A29 Sarah and another woman talk
Ep. 318-Today is the Day Part 1 Sc. 35-“Part of the Plan”
Ep. 321- Today is the Day Part 2 Sc. 12-“Captain Bligh”
Ep. 321- Today is the Day Part 2 Sc. 18-“Missed Call”
Ep. 321- Sc. 22-“I Shouldn’t Have Let Him Get to Me”
Ep. 321- Today is the Day Part 2 Sc. 25-“Fire Control”
Ep. 319- To the Lighthouse Sc. 7-“Secrets”
Ep. 319- To the Lighthouse Sc. 36 & 37 – “El Viejo del Monte”
Ep. 322-Born to Run Sc. 12- “Stakeout”

Sources: Bluray.com, RealMovieNews.com

Terminator season two released on DVD/Blu-ray today

Just a reminder: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete Second Season is out on DVD and Blu-ray today.

SaveTheSCC.com has pictures and a video of the mobile billboard that’s been driving around L.A. since yesterday. To see them, go here.

And you can get season two on Amazon:

terminatorsarah connor chronicles

Terminator DVD details, commentary clips

Save The Sarah Connor ChroniclesBlu-ray.com posted a review of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete Second Season [Blu-ray]terminator bluray last week, along with a list of the special features (scroll all the way down).

The region 1 DVD comes out next week (Sept. 22). No details on the bonus material for region 2 yet. (The DVD doesn’t come out until November.)

Television Without Pity has revealed the winners of the Tubey Awards. The show won in 16 categories, including Best Drama, Best Returning Show, Most Painful Cancellation, Best Single Episode (Allison from Palmdale), Best Season Finale, Best Smackdown (Cameron vs. police station), Best Onscreen Death (Derek) and Favourite Actress (Summer Glau).

Next stop, the Scream Awards – if you haven’t voted yet, head over to Spike.com.

In the meantime, some preview clips from the DVD showed up on YouTube yesterday. Embedded below are the ones from Adam Raised a Cain, with commentary from Josh Friedman, Summer Glau, Thomas Dekker, John Wirth and James Middleton. Big thanks to Summer-Glau.net for posting them. (Make sure you visit for more clips.)

Finally, the Blu-ray extras:

Disc One

Disc one features a pair of commentary tracks, the first for the episode Samson and Delilah and featuring Executive Producer Josh Friedman and Actors Lena Heady, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau, and Shirley Manson. Commentary track two, available on Allison from Palmdale, features Executive Producers Josh Friedman, James Middleton, and John Wirth, and Actors Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau. Also included is The Storyboard Process: Cameron Goes Bad (1080i, 2:55), a brief piece that looks at the importance of storyboards to the filmmaking process, including a side-by-side storyboard vs. final product comparison.

Disc Two

While none of the five episodes found on disc two sport a commentary track, the disc does offer two “Terminated Scenes,” one each for the episodes The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short (1080p, 1:04) and Complications (1080p, 0:26). Also included here under the “Behind the Story” heading is Cameron vs. Rosie: Fight Rehearsal (1080i, 5:27), an informative piece that looks at the process of bringing this fight sequence to life, featuring raw behind-the-scenes footage, interview clips with the crew, and storyboard analysis.

Disc Three

Only a pair of “Terminated Scenes” for Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point (1080p, 0:50) and Earthlings Welcome Here (1080p, 1:04) are included on disc three.

Disc Four

Like disc three, disc four features only a collection of “Terminated Scenes,” this time one from Today is the Day — Part 1 (1080p, 1:19) and four from Today is the Day — Part 2 (1080p, 2:50 combined).

Disc Five

Disc five contains the bulk of the supplementary material, headlined by another pair of commentary tracks. Track one, accompanying Adam Raised a Cain, features Executive Producers Josh Friedman, James Middleton, and John Wirth, and Actors Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau. The second track with the same participants is available for the series finale episode Born to Run. Collision With the Future: Deconstructing the Hunter Killer Attack (1080i) is an interactive piece that takes viewers on an in-depth tour of the many layers of work that came together to create the season’s climactic sequence. Viewers may choose from one of four boxes — one each for “Production,” “Direction,” “Special FX,” and “Visual FX” — from a main menu that features all four pieces playing simultaneously with an overlaying commentary with Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Josh Friedman. The Continuing Chronicles: Terminator is a collection of eight featurettes presented in 1080i high definition: Write the Future (12:39), Conceptualization (8:18), Blood and Metal (7:39), Designing Deconstruction (7:32), Choreographing Chaos (7:21), War Stories (9:15), Setting the Tempo (13:15), and Motivations (9:51). Rounding out disc five are three “Terminated Scenes” — two for To the Lighthouse (1080p, 0:43 & 1:32) and one for Born to Run (1080p, 0:27) — and a gag reel (1080p, 6:04). [Blu-ray.com]