Deadwood: The Movie airs tonight!

For those who missed it elsewhere, Deadwood: The Movie airs tonight at 8/7c on HBO. I wasn’t sure whether or not to post updates about this because I didn’t see any confirmation that Garret was in it, at least not before this fine interview with Timothy Olyphant from a couple of days ago. (Hey, he could have just been hanging out on the set, in costume, weirder things have happened!)

The film is set 10 years after the season three finale and almost everyone is back. Here is the trailer:

Interview with the Deadwood cast

Garret Dillahunt and William Sanderson in DeadwoodIt’s been 10 years since Deadwood premiered (March 21, 2004) and Yahoo TV has a new interview with most of the main cast.

You can read it here.

Here is a nice little snippet:

Garret Dillahunt: When you get something like that, you just want to focus. Everybody comes to work focused. People hung out at “Deadwood.” People came to work when they weren’t called. You just wanted to be there because something special was happening. What made it special might have killed it, ultimately. I don’t know. I would be guessing. We took 21 days to finish an episode one time. No network can stomach that. We made sure it was right. The crew was like Spartan f–king warriors slogging through red mud with all this equipment. I’m sure [everyone] could have made more money on a network show or something, but everyone was proud. They were really proud of what they were doing. I felt in such good hands and in good company there. When there’s this mix of people who are like-minded in their goal, something spectacular happens.
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New interview & Twelve Years a Slave update

Iconic Interview has a new interview with Garret. In it, he talks about everything from Deadwood and The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Any Day Now and Twelve Years a Slave. Snippets below, and you can read the whole article at the link.

On Raising Hope:

Iconic Interview: Raising Hope is really idiosyncratic and I can’t think of anything else like it. What do you think makes this unusual show so successful?
Garret Dillahunt: I think it’s because it’s good and funny and people can identify with it in some way. I don’t think it’s far-fetched to assume that. This family is not a rich family; they have a hard time getting by, but you wouldn’t know it. They still find a lot of joy. They’re idiosyncratic, but loving. I think that’s how most families are, really. Everyone thinks their family is the craziest family in the world. [If you ask], they’re like, “My God, my family’s crrrazy!” So I think it’s not far from home for everybody.

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Deadwood added to The 101 Network’s Sunday night lineup (DIRECTV)

Francis Wolcott, Garret Dillahunt,Deadwood Season TwoSome Deadwood news:

Deadwood and Oz, shows which were until now only available to HBO subscribers and on DVD, have been added to The 101 Network‘s Sunday night lineup and will start airing on May 21. Both shows will also be available on DIRECTV on DEMAND.

All three seasons of Deadwood and six seasons of Oz will be aired unedited. Patty Ishimoto, the vice-president and general manager of DIRECTV’s The 101 Network, says:

“We are committed to bringing the highest quality shows to our subscribers and these are two of the most riveting dramas ever made for television. When pay-TV shows like these move to other networks they are usually extremely edited versions, but DIRECTV customers will get to enjoy these incredible shows uncut, commercial free and in HD.”

Here is a quick clip from season one to refresh your memory: