New interview for Justified

Entertainment Weekly has a nice, long interview with Garret about this week’s episode. You can find the full article here.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Talk to me a bit about how you understand Walker and his role in the whole legal weed/criminal enterprise. He was kind of presented as the Big Bad for this season, up until Markham comes in.

Justified - The HuntGARRET DILLAHUNT: I don’t know if he was presented as the main guy, but I can certainly see how some people would jump to that conclusion. I thought he was cool, and if you want me to summarize him, he’s an ex-military sort of emissary for Avery Markham, sent to procure land in Harlan.

Markham has a history there, which I think is why he’s so intent on buying up land there and making his business work and grow there. But even in the legal pot business… you know, here in the States, pot can be legal by state law, but it’s still not legal federally, so they can’t put their money in federal banks. That’s a big problem. They make a lot of money, but where do you store it? Well, they have to protect it themselves, so that’s where his security team comes in, to guard the money. It puts us on the criminal side of the business, and puts Raylan and his team on our ass. And the fact that we have a whole bunch of money just sitting in a safe puts the criminals on our ass. We’re kind of caught in the middle. What I like about Walker is that he doesn’t take anybody lightly. He’s a very capable adversary for both Raylan and Boyd. What we wanted to avoid was the stereotypical bad guy who comes to town, sort of looking down his nose at the yokels. That’s a dynamic that’s been seen ad nauseam in television. So hopefully we’ve set him up as a bad enough dude so that it’s even more impressive when someone else takes him down.