New interview & Justified teaser

There is a new interview with Garret at Hit the link to read it.

Here is what he says about Justified:

Dillahunt plays a mysterious stranger in town who’s buying up parcels of land. While he’s reluctant to reveal any of the plot, Dillahunt admits that he’s “a certain part of an antagonist force.”

He’s an old pal of the show’s star, Timothy Olyphant. “Tim and I worked together in ‘Deadwood’ 10 years ago. We’d run into each other and he’s been saying, ‘I keep trying to get you on the show,’ but we shot at exactly the same times and it never worked out. But when my show (“Raising Hope”) ended I sent him a text, ‘Hey, I’m available.’ He said, ‘Hang on.'”

Dillahunt thinks their symbiotic experience working on “Deadwood” spoiled them. “We try to bend other projects to that sort of environment which is very creative and very unique,” he says. “He’s done that on ‘Justified’ with the help of an incredible group of writers. They don’t settle for good enough.”

And FX has released a new teaser for season 6 (the region-free version is from Spoiler TV), which premieres on January 20. That’s next Tuesday (10 pm, FX).