Raising Hope previews

Raising Hope 4x03 Ship HappensTwo new episodes of Raising Hope air tonight at 9/8c on Fox.

If you spot baby Hope spontaneously aging backwards, it’s because one of the episodes is a holdover from last season.

Hope for Fans has a scan of a short interview with Garret from the Nov. 25 issue of TV Guide. The article is about the Christmas episode, 4×10 “The Chance Who Stole Christmas.” Hit the link to read it.

Garret Dillahunt - Hi DefFox has put out a few releases for the upcoming episodes, and it looks like Michelle Hurd is finally stopping by for a visit. She will make an appearance as Agent Thompson in one of the episodes that air on December 6.

And yeah, we’ll be getting at least the first eight episodes in pairs.

Here is what’s happening tonight:

4×03 Ship Happens

When Sabrina finds out that Jimmy never went on a real family vacation as a kid, she’s determined to take Hope (guest stars Baylie and Rylie Cregut) on a memorable trip and to prove to Burt and Virginia that family vacations don’t have to be stressful.

4×04 Hi-Def

Virginia is thrilled when the doctor prescribes new glasses, until her new crystal-clear vision allows her to see every tiny imperfection around the house. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina get competitive over how many followers each has on social media app “QuickVids,” so they record Maw Maw’s zaniness in an effort to gain more viewers.